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Jeep in Desert


Chrysler had a small increase in sales for the month of July, and once again, Jeep was leading the pack. This is no surprise to anyone who loves the Jeep brand as it’s vehicles are among the most road tested and loved. Whether you want to go off-roading or just drive around town, many Jeeps will fit the bill. Either way you look at it, with all the economic uncertainty and slow seasons for other manufacturers, we can see that Chrysler did well in July, and the company should post great numbers going forward.

The Jeep Renegade is on fire as it posted a sales gain of 57 percent, when compared to last July. The Renegade is a small SUV that is popular among people who are not in the mood to spend their life savings on a vehicle. With 4×4, 160 horses and a six-speed manual transmission, we can see why this is a fun SUV to drive. Whether you want to commute on the freeway or take it in the mud on weekends, the Renegade is a great SUV, and for this reason, people who want value and quality have been snapping these up. To see how fun it is to drive, check one out at Chapman Chrysler Jeep. Once you drive one down the highway and feel the power, you will be convinced that it is right for you.

The Compass had a decent sales gain too, though not as massive as the Renegade. But, still, the Compass had a gain of 31 percent compared to last July. This is a great SUV for the adventure seeker who wants to take full advantage of the weekend. At the same time, this is a great SUV for people who don’t want to waste fuel. For its size, the Compass sips fuel and it gets 26 mpg on the highway. Though, many drivers will never come close to that when they are having fun with the all the power offered.

The Grand Cherokee had a slight sales increase of only three percent. But this is to be expected as the Grand Cherokee has been around for a long time. Though, the Grand Cherokee is a formidable SUV that offers comfort, power, reliability and fun. It is described as a modern adventure SUV, and it starts at under 25k. However, there are some versions that are pushing 35k. With 75 years of Jeep engineering behind them, the Grand Cherokee is always a great choice.

Overall, the company’s Jeep brand sold an impressive 79,246 units in the month of July, and the seven-month total is 543,714, which is up 14 percent year-over-year. The Renegade, with 61,907 units sold this year, is up 211 percent when compared to the same time period last year. All in all, the Jeep brand is doing well and will only improve.

As far as the downsides, there are a couple. The Chrysler 200 sales numbers fell 43 percent, and sales for the 300 fell 43 percent. This is more due to the Chrysler brand producing other cars that are getting more attention. Not only that, SUVs and sports cars, along with trucks, are in vogue right now, so, naturally, sales of sedans are slipping across the board.

Chrysler Pacifica is one cool minivan


The idea that a minivan can be cool is lost on a lot of people. Back in the day, not too long ago, minivans were only driven by soccer moms or people who bought them second-hand and had no choice. My have times changed as most manufacturers make minivans that can off-road, zip in and out of traffic and provide camping opportunities. While most minivan drivers would love zipping up and down a mountain road in a sports car, they aren’t so bad, and Chrysler Pacifica is proof of that.

First and foremost, the thing that gives most minivans a bad name is power, and Chrysler knows that. With the famous and very well-liked Pentastar V-6 engine, you can get places quickly. Don’t just take our word for it as the engine was on the Ward’s 10 best list three times. It is a redesigned 3.6 liter V-6 with two-step variable-valve lift. Combined with innovative engine-weight reductions that give it even more power and efficiency, and we can see why the Pentastar brand was a good choice. With a nine-speed auto transmission, which is the first ever to be in a minivan, drivers can enjoy smooth shifting. While you aren’t going to win at the track with a Chrysler Pacifica, you will get great speed, and a combined 28 MPG. To see how times have changed and how great a Pacifica is, test drive one at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Back in the day, people used to lift up their hoods to show off their cars. My times have changed, and while people love power, many of us now care more about tech, and the Pacifica has you covered. With Uconnect Access, you will get a variety of cool futures such as vehicle finder, which allows you, at the touch of a button, to view maps, and with this, you can get where you need to go. If you have kids who are distracting you, or if you are just someone who is forgetful, you will love the remote lock, unlock and start. By using this, you can remotely lock or unlock your doors from anywhere, provided you have your smartphone nearby. Nothing is cooler than having a roaming Wi-Fi hotspot, and vehicle owners can set the in-demand service up for a day, or much longer if they choose. There is more as you can have Sirius radio coverage so you can listen to what you want, when you want and from where you want.

Nothing used to scream boring like a boxy minivan that was unaggressive. But, with a long wheelbase and low ground clearance, along with a wide track, the Chrysler Pacifica is planted firmly to the ground, and the setup highlights the style. The wind-swept profile is not a facade as it is more aerodynamic than any other version the company has produced.

It is not often someone calls a minivan cool, but if you look inside, check out the tech, look under the hood or see one on the road, you are sure to be impressed as minivans have come a long way.

2018 Wrangler



Anyone who drives a Jeep probably doesn’t do it to save money on gas. But, this does not mean that many drivers would not love to save a little more at the pump, all while doing their part to save the environment. For this reason, Jeep CEO Mike Manley wants to improve the MPG of the coveted Jeep Wrangler. At the same time, the CEO does not want to mess up the brand or devalue it, in any way. This is obviously a fine line, and one that he does not want to cross.

The most important part about owning a Jeep is that it is an amazing, hardcore machine that can tackle mountains, snow, ice and mud, and Jeep will not do anything to make it harder to off-road. With the Jeep Wrangler, and all Jeeps in general, it is important to leave the styling on the outside alone – the brand is very recognizable, and Jeep did not want to do anything to damage its reputation, and for good measure; the CEO has said as much.

To save gas, there are two large options, among with many other small ones. But, it essentially comes down to weight and engine size. Jeep probably will not mess with the engine size as people like the power of its engines. So, to save gas and make the SUV a little more nimble, the company will most likely drop the weight, though not by too much as it is a rugged SUV that can certainly tackle a lot. While the SUV will not go all-aluminum, the frame will be much lighter, yet much stronger, and it will certainly have plenty of hang-on body parts that are going to be aluminum. This will lower the weight without sacrificing the overall structure. To see how strong a Jeep Wrangler performs now, check one out at Chapman Chrysler Jeep. With solid axles at both ends and a strong frame, you are sure to love the Jeep Wrangler, among many other models.

While weight reduction and smaller or more efficient engines are a couple of ways to save gas, there is another way. With improved aerodynamics, the Wrangler should be faster and more efficient. Though, there will be some subtle changes such as the windshield being raked back a bit more, which should not only make it look better, but it will make it that much more efficient. And, the eight-speed transmission should help drivers save money as it is more efficient than the standard transmissions of the past. All in all, with more aluminum parts and a solid aerodynamic setup, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler should impress Jeep Wrangler fans and non-fans alike.

According to many, the next generation Wrangler will sport an eight-speed automatic, and it will offer a diesel engine, as well as a four-cylinder turbo power. This shows that Jeep is not resting on its laurels, and if you are a fan of Jeep and SUVs, you will certainly be happy that Jeep and the Wrangler is not going to let you down the future.





The Compass and Patriot are two SUVs that many people have come to love. The Patriot is a compact SUV that has gained a large fanbase who will be sad to see it go. The same could be said about the adventure-seeking SUV, the Jeep Compass. While this is true, fans of both SUVs should not shed a tear as Jeep plans to unveil a new version, that combines the greatness of both SUVs, in Los Angeles in November, at the North American Auto Show.

This should not come as a surprise as the company has wanted to replace the two aging compact SUVs for some time, and this has been anticipated for several years by people in the industry. Originally, Jeep planned to unveil the vehicle at the New York International Auto Show in March, but the company delayed the plans, which means they still may be finishing up the details. If you can’t wait and want to check out any other Jeep, head to Chapman Chrysler Jeep and test drive one of many great SUVs that the company has released in the last decade.

Don’t worry, while the company delayed the unveiling until November, this doesn’t mean that it has a delay in production. Rather, the company is finishing up the details of the new SUV. There is reason to get excited as both models are popular. Buyers bought 118,464 Patriots and 66,698 Compasses in the United States in 2015. This represents an impressive 21 percent of the brand’s total sales in the country. However, many Jeep enthusiasts are not impressed by the Patriot nor the Compass, and many are hoping that Jeep has more in store for the new model.

People who can’t wait to get their eye’s on the new model can look to Brazil as the company plans to start production sometime between late September and the first weeks of November. Though, these models will, unfortunately, only be sold in South America as they will be produced in the Pernambuco, Brazil plant. Though, as always, there are differences between models built in different countries, and things may vary, widely.

The new version of the Patriot and Compass will be built in Toluca, Mexico, and they will go on sale early next year in the United States. Fans of Jeep should also rejoice as the development of the next generation of the Wrangler is also nearly compete, and the company plans to reveal it to the public in the first half of next year. The new version will have better fuel economy, and it will weigh less, all while providing the same great off-roading experience.

While not everyone is a huge fan of the Compass and Patriot, there are a lot of benefits to either SUV. If you are an owner of one or have owned one in the past, you may want to pay attention as the new model is sure to be fun to drive, interesting and exciting. If you are not willing to wait, you can surely find another Jeep SUV that works for your lifestyle.






Dodge Journey Perfect for Summer Vacations


Plenty of Room for Everyone

With the ability to seat up to seven people and an EPA gas mileage rating of 26 mpg, the Dodge Journey is the perfect vehicle for a long road trip this summer. Pack the kids, the gear and even the dog and head out across country to a theme park or National Forest. You’ll make good time on your trip as the Journey gets up to 500 miles per tank, allowing you to leave your Vegas home and end up on a San Diego beach without needing to stop for gas. Stop by Chapman Chrysler Jeep for a test drive today.

Keeping Cargo Safe is Job Number One

Whether your hauling eggs or children, it’s Dodge’s responsibility to keep cargo and people as safe as possible. The Dodge Journey has seven advanced airbags strategically placed, including side curtain airbags on the second and third row seats to help protect everything in side the vehicle. Active front seat headrests adjust in the event of a rear-end collision, helping to keep your neck and spine safe. Front and rear crumple zones help absorb the energy of a crash and funnel the impact away from the interior. A dual steel frame also absorbs damage during a collision. A rearview camera, advanced braking system and electronic stability control all help you avoid a collision in the first place.

Journey Engine Choices Cover Power and Efficiency

The 3.6L Pentastar V6 motor is used throughout the Chrysler lineup in vans, trucks, Jeeps and the Journey. Choose this motor and you get a powerful 283 horses to go along with 260 pound feet of torque. The other option is the 2.4L 4-cylinder motor that generates 173 horsepower but delivers up to 26 mpg. If you have a large family and plan on towing something, the V6 probably makes sense. Otherwise, the 4-cylinder provides plenty of torque to get you and your occupants over the mountains and to your final destination. Drive both versions and decide for yourself with a visit to Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Roomy Interior Comfortable and Flexible

The ability of the Journey to adapt to your cargo and people hauling needs is one of its key selling features. You can turn the second row seats into a bench or keep them as separate recliners. Fold both down to create the maximum room for cargo or an impromptu sleeping area. A raised third row seat is easily accessible from either side, or can be folded down to make room for more stuff. An available six-way power driver seat with lumbar support makes the Journey a comfortable vehicle for your daily commute or a long vacation trek.