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Trail Rated Jeeps Tailor Made for Tough Times

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Trail Rating More Than Just Another Badge

When Jeep applies the Trail Rated metallic logo to one of its 4×4 vehicles, it means that model and trim package qualifies to meet the toughest standards in five different off-road categories. Only 4×4 models need apply to this set of grueling tests that evaluate the vehicle’s ability with traction, water fording, maneuverability, articulation and ground clearance. The Trail Rating means that you can count on your Jeep to survive in some of the harshest conditions on Earth. Check out the Trail Rated Jeep inventory and compare different models at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Traction Tested on Different Terrains

If your Jeep can’t get traction, you aren’t going to go very far. Jeep’s Active Drive 4×4 has a low-range crawl feature that gives you the ability to slowly work your way through slippery or unstable terrain. Drivers test the different models on mud, snow and ice, as well as on steep, rocky terrain to ensure your Jeep has the foothold to keep moving forward.

Don’t Let a Little Water Get in Your Way

Off-roaders commonly come across creeks and streams where they have to make a decision to go forward or turn around. The Trail Rated Jeeps undergo water fording testing to make sure they can pass where others don’t dare. Sealing of the electrical system and body, coupled with a high air intake, let you pass in water depths up to 30 inches, depending on your Jeep model. Even the littlest Jeep Renegade can ford streams up to 20 inches in depth.

Maneuverability Helps Dodge Disaster

If you’ve ever been four-wheeling on a serious trail, you know that obstacles and disaster can lurk around the next corner. A tight turning radius and the ability to quickly evade dangerous situations is a key part of the Trail Rated package. The Wrangler has a turning circle of 17.3 feet, which is one reason it’s consider the ultimate off-road machine.

Keep Your Wheels on Terra Firma

It’s critical to keep all your wheels on the trail as much as possible so you can properly utilize the four-wheel drive. Outstanding articulation lets one wheel go high while another goes low, providing traction on both sides to keep you crawling along.

Ground Clearance Lets You Cruise Over Obstacles

The important thing to remember about ground clearance is not just that you need a vehicle high enough to pass over boulders and logs. You also need an off-road machine with good approach and departure angles, meaning you don’t get hung up when approaching a crevice down a steep grade or departing up a high incline. Trail Rated Jeeps all have high departure angles, leaving you clear to lead the expedition safely. See why Trail Rated Jeeps are the best bet for off-roading with a trip to Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

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