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Top 5 Jeep Wrangler Bolt-On Upgrades


The Jeep Wrangler has long been standard equipment for off-road enthusiasts. It has proven long ago it can handle just about anything you ask it to do. Still, in the quest to get even more from their Wranglers, people often add a few aftermarket upgrades to make a great vehicle even better.

1: A Winch Kit

For people who want to make sure they can pull their Wrangler out of any type of sticky, muddy, or slippery situation, a winch kit is a ‘must have.’ Many people choose Warn winch kits because of the variety of sizes and styles it offers, but the company is just one option. Veteran off-roaders often prefer to gather the parts of their winches piece by piece or even have one custom made. No matter where you get your winch, adding one to your Jeep Wrangler increases your options for having fun.

2: Fender Flares

Off-roaders and other rough riders commonly add fender flares to their Jeep Wranglers to make it easier to put on those monster tires for the ground clearance and traction they need to safely ride over river and dale or slosh through the mud without it sticking to any crucial parts. Bushwacker brand Flat Fender kits are a popular choice, but there are endless brands you can bolt-on to your Wrangler to take this powerful, versatile beast even further off the beaten path. Don’t worry, Jeeps are great for the freeway and city streets, and you can take one for a test drive at Chapman Chrysler Jeep to see for yourself.

3: Additional Lights

Want to make your Jeep Wrangler even better prepared for those night missions or making moves in bad weather conditions? Add extra lights. Whether you prefer spot beams or spread beans, HID or LED, you can bolt them to your Wrangler and add the potential for more fun in any weather, location, or situation. The stock lights on the Wrangler are incredible, but adding auxiliary lighting can take your adventures to a whole new level. Just make sure you have a good wiring harness. Rigid Industries and KC HiLiTES are good choices, among many other Jeep Accessories.

4: Storage Solutions

Hardcore adventurers sometimes need extra storage space for all their camping gear, extra gas, full-size spare, and anything else you need when they head into the wild. Whether you want roof-mounted or tailgate mounted additional storage space, the Wrangler is perfectly built for it. Frontrunner Outfitters, Smittybilt, ARB, and many other companies offer innovative, easy-to-bolt-on additional storage options for your 2 or 4-door Jeep Wrangler that will remain firmly in place no matter how treacherous the terrain.

5: Snorkels

If your off-road adventures take you through water, mud, and dust, then adding snorkels is a wise move. They will help to keep your engine are intake high, dry, and relatively clean. This can allow you to ford rivers and streams and slosh through swampy areas, and traverse sandy, dusty beach and deserts without destroying your engine. Add a Rugged Ridge or another quality kit, and you’ll be ready for just about anything.

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