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The Jeep Wagoneer is Happening After All

After months of doubts and questions, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has confirmed that they will be producing the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer. According to a statement by FCA the Jeep Wagoneer as well as Jeep Wagoneer SUVs will be produced at its Warren, Michigan plant. The new Jeep pickup will be produced at the FCA plant in Toledo, Ohio, the company announced. That has ended months of speculation about the future of those iconic Jeep vehicles. FCA announced a change in the demand for trucks and SUVs has forced the company to realign it’s manufacturing operations in the United States.

FCA said it will invest $1 billion to further expand its Ram and Jeep brands and improve and modernize its manufacturing operations by upgrading its plants in Michigan and Ohio. The move will see the company adding over 2,000 new jobs. Expanding manufacturing capacity and committing to produce several beloved vehicles is an important move for FCA. This will help them maintain or improve its share of the burgeoning SUV and pickup truck sales in the U.S. market. It will also create excitement among people that love the Jeep vehicles. While the Jeep Wagoneer is not yet a reality, if you want to see what else Jeep has to offer, check one out at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

FCA’s announcement is part of its continuing efforts to increase the production of its trucks and SUVs. This action is particularly important at this time because FCA is ending its production of small and midsized automobiles. FCA also announced it will make a $1.5 billion investment to retool its Sterling Heights Assembly Plant. That’s where the company will produce the next generation of its Ram 1500. A company spokesperson said they feel this is the type of investment they owe the country.

FCA also announced it will put aside a billion dollars to be used to retool the Warren Truck Assembly Plant where they build both the Jeep Wagoneer as well as the Grand Wagoneer. In the wake of the harsh criticism newly elected President Trump leveled at the country’s automakers, many companies including FCA are preparing for several rounds of tough questions about the companies making investments in car manufacturing in Mexico and its negative impact on U.S. workers that need jobs.

An FCA spokesman has denied the expansions in some of its American automotive production plants is a reaction to president-elect Trump’s statements regarding punishment for American companies moving their production plants to Mexico. FCA recently released a statement explained their investment in the Warren Truck Assembly Plant will enable the factory will allow the company to move the production of its Ram Heavy Duty pickup truck line from Mexico to the United States.

Vehicle manufacturers understand that not being on the right side of the new president’s America First policy could feel his Twitter wrath and be assessed heavy taxes. But FCA said that was not the motivation behind improving its plants and adding jobs at its Ohio and Michigan plants. While factories in Belvidere, Illinois and Sterling Heights, Michigan will produce the new trucks and SUVs, FCA is looking for a company to build its small cars.

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