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Rubicon Trail Remains Ultimate Test for Wrangler Owners


History Calls it “Point of No Return”

Made famous at the end of Julius Caesar’s life when he crossed the Rubicon River and proclaimed it was the “Point of No Return,” the word Rubicon is now forever linked to one of the most famous and difficult off-road trails in America. Drivers wanting to put a Jeep Wrangler to the ultimate test flock here by the thousands. Some go home victorious; others with a broken vehicle, but all have a story to tell by testing this Northern California off-road challenge. First established as a stagecoach road in the 1800s, the Rubicon/McKinney Road served two major hotels. The hotels went away and the road went into disrepair before eventually becoming the first site of the Jeep Jamboree in 1953. Named after the famous trail, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon trim level is trail rated and comes from the factory with enough off-road capability to master the iconic path. Test drive one today at Chapman Jeep Las Vegas.

No Permits Needed to Drive the Trail

Whether you’re a Jeeper, drive an ATV, mountain bike or just a hiker, the Rubicon Trail is open to everyone. Aside from the weekend surrounding the annual August Jeep Jamboree, the trail is open to all comers. You will need a permit from the U.S. Forest Service if you plan on having a campfire. Also, if your vehicle is not street legal, you’ll need a sticker from the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Other than that, all you need is a sturdy machine and lots of gumption to challenge the most difficult parts of the trail.

Be Aware, Trail Rating is Difficult

If you’re new to four wheeling, it’s best to accompany someone who has experience for your first run at the Rubicon Trail. The trail eats vehicles for a living with its mixture of boulders, sharp rocks and granite slabs that require some dexterity to maneuver over and around. Cadillac Hill has seen more than its share of flips. It is very steep and offers a great challenge to even the most experienced drivers with off road crawlers. Parts of the trail exceed 7,000 feet and can receive a lot of snow in the winter. If you’re wondering if the trip is worth it, the Rubicon Trail delivers spectacular views and the chance to camp near sparkling lakes. The difficulty of the trip means it is never overcrowded, with the possible exception of the annual Jamboree.

Rubicon Wrangler Has All the Capability

Rather than try and build a Jeep Wrangler that’s capable of tackling the trail, head to Chapman Jeep Las Vegas and examine the Rubicon model. With the Rock-Trac 4×4 setup, electronic disconnection of the front sway bar, locking differentials and skid plates, the Rubicon was named after the trail for a reason. While the exterior is Jeep tough, you’ll enjoy the creature comforts like air conditioning, navigation and a supreme sound system.

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