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Must Have Off-Road Jeep Parts and Accessories


The name Jeep has become synonymous with a rugged, powerful, off-road vehicles. The Jeep Wrangler in particular has become the model for which most off-road vehicles are made. The nice thing about all Jeeps is that they are some of the best vehicles to customize in the world due to the amount of options one has. Multi-million dollar businesses thrive in the U.S. that do nothing but make aftermarket off-road parts for Jeeps. One can buy these parts from many businesses but the best place to have them installed is at a certified Jeep dealer such as Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Safety first. An upgraded roll cage not only looks cool but it serves a practical purpose of strengthening the parts of the car that surround the passengers. If worse comes to worse, a good roll cage and seatbelts might save your life. To go a step further, reinforced rocker guards, grills, windshields, body panels, skid plates and armored fenders make the vehicle less susceptible to crunching in around the passengers. Also, an underrated aspect of safety is the brake system. Good brakes are great to have in a bad situation. There are also Jeep parts and accessories like upgraded shocks that will allow the vehicle to take more damage safely. Things like aftermarket shocks, suspensions, axles, driveshafts and bushings all combine to make your Jeep stronger and less susceptible to breakage.

Now to the fun stuff like lift kits and tires. Lift kits have become fashionable in the United States. There practical uses are lost on some but others know full well how they can save the underside of a Jeep from being torn to shreds. It is possible to hit a low point or tall rock when off-roading, the added height gives ones Jeep the added buffer room from rocks that would otherwise split open a gas line. To get the full capabilities from your lift kit it is a good idea to increase your Jeeps tire size by adding aftermarket tires built for off-roading. Off-road tires do fine on streets but street tires don’t fare well off-road. So, if your pocketbook allows for it, I highly recommend investing in quality, large, off-road tires.

Some other parts that are worth investing in include winches, off-road lighting and snorkels. A winch is always a great thing to have when a buddy gets stuck in a ditch. Having a winch turns you into a must-know person among off-roaders. Also, like a winch, off-road lighting isn’t always necessary but when it is, there is no replacement. The same can be said about a snorkel. Most of the time you won’t be driving in muddy water higher than the engine. However, if you end up in a high-water situation a snorkel is the difference between an engine full of mud or a working engine taking in air and performing as it was built to.

For more information on Jeep accessories, visit the parts and accessories department at Chapman Chrysler Jeep in Henderson.

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