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Jeep Wrangler Plug-in Hybrid Coming In 2020

All-new 2018 Jeep® Wrangler Sahara


Jeep is planning to release a Plug-in Hybrid version of their popular Wrangler in 2020. The company announced that it will use its Ohio based Toledo Machining Plant to produce some of the key components for the plug-in-hybrid Wrangler. The plant is being prepared to manufacture the vehicle’s Power Electronics module. That includes the Power Inverter as well as the Integrated Dual Charger, the on-board charger along with the DC/DC converter that’s used for fast charging. Once the parts are produced and tested, they will be transferred to the Toledo Assembly Plant nearby where the Wrangler PHEV is scheduled to be assembled.

According to Jeep sources, the vehicle’s Power Electronics module will be placed in a protective structure located inbetween the exhaust and the drive shaft. Insiders say both the plug-in hybrid components and the V6 engine to be used in the new PHEV Wrangler are likely modelled on those used in the Chrysler Pacifica. Although Jeep hasn’t released much more specifics about the new PHEV Wrangler, it is possible to look at other vehicles in the FCA lineup to understand more about the technology that will be found in the new Wrangler plug-in.

The Pacifica plug-in is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine that is modified to use the Atkinson cycle to make it more efficient. It works alongside an electronically variable transmission, a battery pack with 16 kWh and dual electric motors. Using this setup, the Chrysler Pacifica can go as fast as 75 mph using its electric drive alone. This allows it to travel about 33 miles before it needs to be recharged. While some may not think that the Jeep Wrangler plug-in hybrid has power, you will be able to prove them wrong. Once available, you can test drive one at Chapman Chrysler Jeep. Until then, you can check out a Jeep Wrangler to fit your needs.

The Jeep Wrangler’s heavier design means its all-electric range will be shorter unless FCA installs a larger battery pack. Should the company modify the PHEV Wrangler’s battery pack size, it would reduce the Wrangler plug-in’s economy of scale versus the Chrysler minivan which uses the same drivetrain. Chrysler currently procures the battery for the Pacifica Hybrid at Michigan-based LG Chem. It’s very likely Jeep would get the battery pack for the new PHEV Wrangler from the same source. The packs include a thermal management system as well as an extremely dense power to weight ratio that’s approximately 100 Wh per kilogram.

It’s very likely that FCA will begin releasing a lot more information about the Jeep Wrangler plug-in as it gets closer to its 2020 launch date. According to information released by the company, Fiat-Chrysler has plans to release at least 30 electric powered vehicle models by the year 2022. The Jeep Wrangler PHEV is positioned to be among the first of them to be released. The environmental bonuses of using hybrid electric vehicles and the growing demand for them is driving FCA to offer a growing number of PHEV.

For people who are serious about off-roading, the immediate torque as well as the chance of having higher outputs going to the wheel while traveling at low speeds is something very exciting. And Jeep is adding to that excitement with the Wrangler PHEV.

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