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Jeep unveils Renegade Deserthawk, Altitude ahead of Los Angeles


Jeep is celebrating its 75 anniversary this year, and the company is determined to make a big splash. To that end, the company did not wait for the Los Angeles Auto Show to begin unveiling some of the surprises it has in store. Instead, Jeep recently revealed two new models of its Renegade that are sure to excite the automotive world. The company unveiled its Renegade Deserthawk and Altitude on an unsuspecting public. And not only is Deserthawk an awesome name, the vehicle bearing the nameplate is an incredible automobile.

These new special edition Renegades, the Deserthawk and the Altitude, reflect the long-beloved Jeep vehicles’ attitude. Rugged yet stylish and featuring technologically advanced engineering. The result is a new generation of Jeep Renegade that’s sure to get heads turning and tongues wagging as people rush to their dealerships to purchase the new vehicles. And the company isn’t finished yet. Jeep will release two more special edition Renegades when the Los Angeles Auto Show begins next week. These incredible new versions of the Renegade is just what the automotive public have come to expect from one of the world’s most iconic brands. To test drive one of the most iconic brands, head on down to¬†Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

The Renegade Deserthawk is similar to the popular Jeep Trailhawk, but it comes with the exclusive desert theme paint color. Plus it has black painted wheels, several unique body panel decals, along with rock rails and equipment designed specifically for trailering. It also has a 4×4 system, which includes low range, ground clearance of 8.7 inches and as much as 8.1 inches of available wheel articulation. This vehicle has all the capability Jeep Renegade lovers want and is good looking to boot. Beginning in January, Jeep will sell a limited quantity of the Deserthawks for $28,140 each.

Then there’s the Renegade Altitude, Jeep’s other special edition. The Altitude is similar to the Renegade Latitude but with a powerful-looking, attractive all-black motif, metallic accents and the choice between 1.4-liter or 2.4-liter engines. This special edition Renegade will cost a very affordable $22,390 and is primed to hit dealerships in later November. It may take a lot of wrapping paper and a big tree, but this could be the perfect Christmas present for that extra special person on Santa’s nice list.

After 75 years of automotive excellence, Jeep continues to innovate. This year, just like many others in the past, the company is providing automotive enthusiasts with beautiful, powerful, stylish, technologically advanced vehicles that allow them to go wherever life takes them, off road or on. The new special edition Renegades, both the Deserthawk and the Altitude, continue in the legendary Jeep tradition of fun, durable, innovative automobiles. They build on the great Jeep Renegade reputation and are taking it to a whole new level.

The Los Angeles Auto Show will serve as a launching pad for a number of other Jeep automobiles. What the Renegade Blackhawk and Altitude show is that these new vehicles will continue in the Jeep tradition of quality automobiles that are affordably priced and perfect for any situation.

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