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Jeep Transforms a City Street into a River to Demonstrate Cherokee’s Capabilities

Jeep-Cherokee-Vancouver-commercial-2-1To many people’s surprise, Jeep suspended traffic on Vancouver Street, but the real question is, why? After all, adding elements like boulders, sand, trees, a river, and two wolves to a populated street isn’t all that common.

This elaborate setup was designed to show consumers just how durable, rugged, and efficient the Jeep Cherokee is. Shot as part of a commercial known as “River in the City” (which made its original debut on January 4th), it is unique because the organizers recruited drivers to follow the track via the vehicle’s navigation system.

The FCA Chief Marketing Officer, Olivier Francois, mentioned in an interview that this was largely an experimental event. Let’s not forget that not many car companies have gone to this extreme to demonstrate the capabilities of their vehicles. There’s no doubt that this nontraditional marketing scheme did an excellent job at showing consumers that the Jeep Cherokee can handle everything thrown at it and more.

The actual shooting of event took place from June 14-18, 2014, leaving the street fully immersed during that time in exotic props right on 400 Granville Street. The setup itself was built approximately three days prior to filming, and Jeep used more than 1 million pounds of sand, rocks, and boulders to help generate the river and provide the area with a water flow-like appearance.

Second, about 250,000 gallons of water were inserted into the newly created closed system. The recycled water was pumped from the top end of the system at the end of the street, and would eventually make its way into the Vancouver Harbor. Finally, 400,000 pounds of snow were used to construct a snow bank. The snow bank also contained various other elements like moss, sticks, and logs, and completely covered the street during the event. It was actually quite a spectacle once everything was put together, and will be hard to top in the future.

Once shooting was finished, all of the trees on set were returned to a nursery, while many of the other materials were recycled as well. Finally, the two wolves on set were domesticated wolves that really helped take the commercial to another level. A spokesperson representing the American Human Association remained at set to ensure that the animals were being taken care of properly. Observers were also provided with the opportunity of taking pictures of the animals.

The Jeep Cherokee, no doubt, lives up to its reputation. It offers a variety of safety features, including forward collision warning, park assist, and parallel park assist, as well as reliable fuel economy and durability. If you’re searching for a vehicle that can get the job done in every area, then be sure to check out the new Jeep Cherokee – you definitely won’t be disappointed. Visit Chapman Jeep to learn more.

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