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Jeep tops American-made list, bumping Toyota


Jeep offers the most American-made automobile. So says a closely followed index list created by The list looks at where the assembly plant is located, what percentage of the parts used on the vehicle are made in the U.S., the location where the engine and transmission are manufactured, and how many American workers are employed by the manufacturer compared to the vehicles sold in the United States. When all the numbers were crunched, two Jeep SUVs, its Wrangler and its Cherokee, both assembled in Toledo, Ohio, came out on top as being the most American-made.

The list uses a complex formula to determine which automobiles a genuinely American made. In the past the Toyota Camry was first followed by the Honda Accord. But on the newly released list three traditional Detroit automakers GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler took six of the top 10 spots. The study found 74% of the Wrangler’s parts and 70% of the Cherokee’s parts came from American plants. Plus all the engines and virtually all the transmissions came from U.S. plants. In third place was the Chicago, Illinois-assembled Ford Taurus sedan. The Lincoln, Alabama made Honda Ridgeline pickup was fourth followed by the East Liberty, Ohio made Acura RDX.

Joe Wiesenfelder executive editor of pointed out that the Jeep Wrangler is a direct descendant of the military Jeep that helped America and its Allies to win World War II so that gives it excellent credentials as an American automobile. Plus its connection to the American people and their active lifestyle makes Jeep a much beloved American brand. Having one of Detroit’s Big Three top the list of American-made automobiles is important now as there’s political pressure for them to promote their American roots. To see what the fuss is about, you can test drive any number of Jeeps at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

The criteria uses to determine the top American-made vehicles has been recently revamped. In the past sales volume was a more important determining factor. That had led the Camry and the Accord, long America’s best-selling cars, to top the list. Another annual study, the Kogod Made in America Auto Index, which was recently released, named their own list of most American-made vehicles. The Chevrolet Traverse took first place, the Buick Enclave was second and the GMC Acadia took third place.

President Donald Trump has attacked American automakers with plants in Mexico for taking away American jobs. Over the past 7 years the automakers have been creating a growing number of auto industry jobs in the U.S. as well as Mexico. However, American automakers have been publicizing the investments they’ve made in their U.S. manufacturing plants since President Trump threatened to renegotiate NAFTA and force them to bring the automobile manufacturing jobs back to U.S. soil.

Still, as automakers fight for bragging rights for the American-made moniker continues, few buyers are choosing the vehicles they purchase based on where they’re manufactured either because they don’t know or they don’t care. Auto industry experts say they expect sales of vehicles made in Mexico and sold in the U.S. to continue to increase.

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