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Jeep Concepts Take Over Hills of Moab

Jeep® Trailcat Concept

50th Easter Jeep Safari Draws Fantasy Vehicles

Whether or not the concept vehicles Jeep provided at the 50th running of the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah ever make it to an assembly line was not the point. The annual Safari is a chance for the iconic off-road automaker to stretch its creative muscle and provide some fantasy fun for journalists and enthusiasts. This year was no exception. From the Hellcat-powered Trailcat to the Tonka-inspired FC 150, the hills were alive with the sights and sounds of four wheelers pushing the limits of good sense and driver courage. “Every year the Jeep team looks forward to pushing the limits,” Jeep brand boss Mike Manley told “Motor Trend” magazine. “We receive a tremendous amount of valuable feedback from enthusiasts. Unfortunately, you can’t buy any of the concept vehicles, but Chapman Chrysler Jeep has a complete lineup of four-wheelers designed to get you out on the open trail.

Crew Chief 715 Salutes Military

With 40-inch tires, solid steel fenders and bumpers and a look that is all business, the Jeep Crew Chief 715 is a four-door pickup truck that has a definite military flair. It pays homage to the old Kaiser M715. With a winch on both the front and rear bumpers, rock rails and Dana 60 axles, this beast is meant for the toughest trails in the world. With a 139-inch wheelbase, it is one of the longest Jeeps ever created. On the other end of that spectrum was the Jeep Shortcut, based on the old CJ-5 from the mid-20th century. Built on a Wrangler chassis, crews cut 26 inches off the length, which makes it the perfect little bug to master tight trails and switchbacks. The red on red design is offset by chrome bumpers, red wheels and giant 35-inch tires. If ever there was a toy for adults, the Jeep Shortcut is it.

Renegade Stretched into Mini Truck

Jeep designers took a new Renegade, stretched it 6 inches and replaced the back end with a pickup bed to make a sporty little off-road truck. This will undoubtedly strengthen the cries of enthusiasts for Jeep to come back with another version of their production truck. Jeep also found an old 1960 work truck and saved the body, then mated it with the chassis of a new Wrangler. The result is something they call the Jeep FC150, which was outfitted with brakes, power steering and other fun stuff that made it safe to drive. Seventeen-inch white wheels are offset by 33-inch tires. A fake bale of hay in the bed actually houses a cooler where you can keep some drinks to wet your whistle on those long trail runs.

Trailcat Houses 707-horsepower Hellcat Engine

Who needs 700 horsepower out on the trail? Who doesn’t? Jeep engineers stretched the wheelbase of a Wrangler by 12 inches to fit the Hellcat engine, which was paired with a six-speed manual transmission. Although no speed tests were run, it’s safe to say the Trailcat left all the other concept vehicles in the dust. See just how creative Jeep can be by taking a visit and inspecting the inventory at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

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