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Jeep Cherokee First US Car to Make Japan’s Top 10 List


The Toledo-constructed Jeep Cherokee was awarded a spot in Japan’s “Top 10 New Cars” list. The reason why this is significant is because it’s the first time the Japanese have voted an American-made vehicle onto this list. This annual automotive award is considered a prestigious honor in Japan, so it’s safe to say that the inclusion of the Jeep Cherokee is a major milestone for the company. The Cherokee snagged the eighth spot on the list, and after all was said and done, it was the only American-made vehicle on the top 10.

Although Japan happens to contain the third largest automotive market in the world, the majority of Japanese are strictly dedicated to their domestic brands. This is why it was rather surprising when the Jeep Cherokee made it onto the list in such elegant fashion. According to official data from the JAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association), about 6 percent of the 4 million or so new vehicles sold in the country over the course of nine months were from companies that were not based in Japan. Visit Chapman Chrysler Jeep to learn more about the Cherokee.

Yet, Jeep is still making huge strides in the Japanese community. It remains as the top-selling U.S. brand in the country, which is largely attributed to the launch of the Cherokee, which became available to the public in May of 2014. The Chrysler Group’s Toledo Assembly Complex is where the Cherokee is produced exclusively. The vehicle is sold in more than 100 countries all around the world, and Jeep even has plans of extending their reach to over 150 countries. Just for comparison, the Jeep Liberty was only sold in only 60 countries.

There’s reason to believe that global expansion of the Jeep Cherokee is certainly possible, especially with the dramatic success being experienced in Japan. Through September of 2014, Jeep had sold about 750,000 vehicles all around the world. This was a 40 percent increase compared to the exact same point during the previous year. By the year 2018, the company expects to have sold 2 million vehicles.

Japan wasn’t the only place where the Jeep Cherokee experienced success. When the Cherokee was launched in the U.S. last fall, it was an instant success. Nearly 128,000 Cherokees were sold in the U.S. through September, surpassing many of the analyses made by various experts in the automotive industry. The Automobile Journalist Association of Canada also gave the Jeep Cherokee two prominent accolades, one of which included honors as the 2014 Utility Vehicle of the Year.

The 2014 Cherokee offers a roomy interior, and it’s clear that Jeep did a good job at making passenger space a top priority. The vehicle also offers an abundance of cargo room – more so when the rear seats are folded. This small, five-passenger vehicle is reliable in every way, which is probably why it has made such a long-lasting and dramatic impact for the people of Japan in the year 2014.

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