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Jazz Your Jeep on the Cheap

So you have a great Jeep. You treat it like royalty, washing and scrubbing it until it shines, taking it out for trail rides whenever the mood strikes – but you’re still missing something. You need to jazz up your ride with Jeep accessories but don’t want to empty your wallet to do it, right? Well, the Jeep fiends at Chapman Chrysler Jeep have a few ideas for you:

Accessory-Exterior-TubularBumperRear (1)

Let’s start with the shiny stuff. Nothing makes a good first impression like chrome. Lots of it. Load up with chrome bumpers – both front and rear. Make sure the front is blinged out with a chrome grille and add the same sparkle to the back with a chrome exhaust tip. Why stop there? Add a chrome fuel door for added shine. Of course, when you need to tow with your Jeep, you’re going to need a hitch ball. Make sure it’s chrome, too.

Accessory-Exterior-SkidPlates (1)

That leads us to the next set of potential upgrades. These are the fun ones, folks! We’re talking skid plates and rock rails for those serious trail drives. Winches and tow hooks will make sure you can get your Jeep out of any hairy situation you got it into. Fog lights, light bars and off-road lights ensure you can see what’s ahead when you’re exploring new spots at night.

Accessory-Exterior-Tent (1)

What about the stuff that keeps you and your passengers comfy and safe? You’ll want to add on a grab bar for those wild rides and an add-on tent for those nights when heading back into town just isn’t in the cards. Stay connected so you can upload your latest trek video to YouTube by making your car a WiFi hotspot, another option.

As you can see, there are lots of great ways you can jazz up your Jeep on the cheap. Mix and match available accessories to match your style, personality and the way you rock your Jeep. We’ve got all the Jeep parts and accessories you need!

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