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Future 2017 Jeep Renegade Model Going Green


The popular Jeep Wrangler has always been a staple of success for the brand. As with all successful vehicle brands, people that love it the design concept want to maintain it. But we all know the show must go on-the Jeep Wrangler must continue to improve and evolve via technology. In the car branding business arena, those are the welcome headaches you look forward to – trying to make popular brands even more attractive and appealing to the public. Many car manufacturers would love that problem given the amount of hard work and effort it takes behind the scenes to launch popular car brands in the first place. To stimulate another level of interest and excitement for future upcoming Jeep inventory, there’s rumblings of the noted off-roader going hybrid. More than rumblings in fact, expect unveiling of the hybrid-powered vehicle circa 2017.

Jeep has owned up to its ambition to introduce hybrid technology; not only to this iconic brand, but also to it’s other fleet of superstar vehicles. In this day in age, consumers demand even more than you supplied them yesterday. Car companies must continue to strive to evolve their brands via enhanced technology. Jeep leader Mike Manley informed Auto Express that preserving the look, improving the on-road dynamics and achieving better fuel efficiency were his three priorities for the newest off-road legend. “You have the potential for hybrid powertrains in the future,” he stated. “For those people who use the Wrangler, the most important thing is the initial torque and the crawl ratio. With an electric motor you have the most torque available and with the right combination of transmission and gear ratios you can create incredible crawl ratios.” But the eco tech wouldn’t be without its problems if Jeep does go down that route. Continued Manley: “Where you have to be careful with the Wrangler is range. “If you are eight hours and four miles into a trail, there is not a hybrid that we could do which could provide the battery support.

Another alternative that the organization is considering for the 2017 Wrangler is the inclusion of a diesel model.  The diesel model will utilize lighter materials to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency. Making dynamic moves to change the look and the aerodynamics would does wonders to stimulate brand image. However as we alluded to earlier, when it comes to significant changes to what the public has already endorsed through a strong sales generation, one must be careful tweaking a popular style. Who can forget the backlash against the Jeep Cherokee with its new and very different design?  While the fervor subsequently faded, it still caused uproar amongst the dedicated and loyal tribes of ardent Jeep supporters. To join the long list of passionate fans, check out Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Indeed every carmaker must continue to have an eye on the present with an eye to the future. This popular off-roader is well positioned to continue its strong market performance. Expect this hybrid option to generate even stronger sales numbers in the future.

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