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Five tips to keep your Jeep SUV in tip-top shape

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If you have a Jeep, you have a fine piece of engineering on your hands, and you can use it to go off-roading or drive through city streets. However, if you are wise, you will take extra good care of your Jeep as it will run better and last longer. Here are five tips to keep your Jeep in tip-top shape.

Don’t forget to wash the underbody: When you take your Jeep into a snowy area or a road with ice, you will get salt on the underbody. To avoid any issues, you should hose off your Jeep in the driveway and take a minute to spray down the undercarriage. Or, if you take it into a professional, inform him or her that you took your Jeep in muddy or snowy conditions, and ask him or her to wash the undercarriage. When you take a few minutes to do this, you can ensure that your Jeep doesn’t rust or have other problems with the underbody.

Look at your air filters: If you are an off-roading fanatic, you know how much wear-and-tear you put your Jeep through. To make sure that it runs at its best, you should inspect the air filters, both in-cabin and engine, often. Then, if they need replacing, don’t hesitate to put in a new one. To make things easier, you should consider a K&N filter. That way, you can save money as you can clean them without having to buy new ones.

Take it in for regular oil changes, or do them on your own: Let’s face it, if you have a Jeep and you go off the road often, you are going to work your engine hard. If this is true in your case, you should remember to frequently take your Jeep in for oil and oil filter changes. That way, you can ensure that your Jeep runs well as dirty oil will cause issues to the engine.

Inspect after heavy-duty usage: Cars and SUVs still perform better on paved roads. While true, your Jeep is great for off-roading, and you should take advantage of your Jeep to the fullest. But, when you go into the mud, over rocks and through rivers, you must realize that you are putting your Jeep through hard work. While not a problem, once you are done for the day, you should inspect your Jeep and fix any issues.

Listen to your Jeep: Finally, like any vehicle owner, you need to listen for strange noises or changes. By listening to your Jeep, you can uncover issues related to the engine, transmission or even tires. If things or noises change, you will want to take your Jeep in for servicing.

If you own a Jeep, you have a great vehicle on your hands. With these five tips to keep your Jeep in tip-top shape, you can save money on maintenance, and you can see your Jeep last longer. Luckily, if you don’t own a Jeep, you can check one out at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

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