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Five Jeep Accessories You Cannot Live Without


Tent and Mattress Lets You Enjoy the Great Outdoors

There’s nothing better than taking your Jeep Wrangler out on some undiscovered trail and viewing scenic vistas and wildlife. Trouble is, once you’ve traveled a few hours into the wilderness with the sun going down, you either have to find your way back in the dark or sleep in the reclining seats. With the Mopar tent and air mattress accessory kit, you can attach a nice 10-foot square tent to the back of your Wrangler and sleep under the stars. Stop by the parts department at Chapman Chrysler Jeep for more information on how to purchase the tent and view other Jeep accessories.

Heated Seats Keep Body Warm

Even the desert can get a bit nippy in the winter, especially when the sun starts to dip below the horizon. Mopar heated seat kits work with either leather or cloth seats. Adjustable controls allow you to pick a temperature that’s just right for you. These kits feature one heating adapter for each front seat and are made to Jeep manufacturing standards.

Mount Your Bike on Spare Tire Carrier

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, chances are you might like to do a little mountain biking once you get to your remote destination. With the Mopar spare tire carrier, you can carry two bikes as easy as if you had a trailer. The carrier mounts over the rear spare tire and includes a locking mechanism to keep your bikes secure. The carrier is easy to put on and remove and makes a great gift for the bicycler in your life. For this and other accessories, visit the Chapman Chrysler Jeep parts department.

Bumper Light Bar Illuminates the Trail

The Mopar accessory light bar mounts to the frame and sits just above the front bumper of your Wrangler. It can hold up to three lights that sit between the existing headlights and above the fog lamps. Hit the switch and the trail becomes bright as day, allowing you to navigate rough terrain with no worries.

Spare Tire Cover Prevents Theft

The Mopar anti-theft spare tire cover features a unique design that mounts between the tire and the rear gate of your Wrangler. The cover then slips over the tire and works with the wheel locks to help prevent your spare from heading on down the road with someone else. The cover comes in various sizes and logos so you can personalize your ride.

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