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Fiat Chrysler’s US Auto Sales Rose in May


Fiat Chrysler had another great month, and the company lately has done very little wrong and a lot right. In a time when other manufacturers are struggling to unload their products, Fiat is not having the same struggle. Fiat Chrysler said that its sales in the United States jumped 1.1 percent higher in May, mostly as a result of the popularity of Jeep. Though, while true, other brands such as Ram are doing well, and there is big reason to be optimistic about the future of Fiat Chrysler.

The automaker sold 204,452 vehicles in the month, which is actually the best may it has had in 11 years. Though, it is only a small jump. Last year it sold 202,227 vehicles in May. This was, as mentioned, buoyed by a 14 percent jump in Jeep sales. Sales in Dodge, Fiat and Chrysler brands actually fell from a year ago. This proves how beloved and popular the Jeep brand has become over the past few years. In fact, Jeep is taking over things, and many other SUV makers are seeing slighter gains, or no gains at all. To see why Chrysler is gaining, you should test drive one at Chapman Chrysler Jeep. You are sure to be in awe of what the company has to offer.

One reason sales may have been hurt is because their were two fewer selling days in May when compared with May of last year. Combined with unpredictable weather in many parts of the country, and we can see that Chrysler did well when all things are considered. With a long summer season ahead of us and lots of great weather, Fiat Chrysler has reason to be optimistic.

One reason to be optimistic about the auto industry is due to the fact that gas prices are low, and they should stay low for a long time. This should especial help Jeep and other SUV makers. With the average price of gasoline sitting at around $2.30, it is easy to see why people have no fear when buying an SUV or car. Another factor that is making things easier on buyers is low interest rates. Either way,this should bode well for anyone who wants to buy a car, truck or SUV. Not to mention that Jeep is, and always has been, innovating, and this shows when you check one out at the showroom.

To understand why Fiat Chrysler is doing so well with the Jeep brand, you need to understand Jeep a little better. With the Jeep Cherokee, you get a rear axle disconnect, which is a first in the mid-size SUV segment. With this system, you reduce energy loss when 4-wheel drive isn’t necessary. This, naturally, increases fuel economy. On top of that, the 9-speed gearbox was introduced with the Jeep Renegade, a compact SUV that many call a game- changer as it is popular among many segments of the driving population.

Fiat Chrysler is making great strides in a time when other manufacturers are faltering. While true, the biggest and most important reason why is Jeep. With that in mind, you should check out one for yourself and see what the hype is. You won’t be disappointed.

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