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Chrysler Asking Dealerships to Focus on Customer Service


‘Customer First’ Rewards Service Excellence

Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA), the parent company for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealers, has initiated a program designed to emphasize putting the customer first. The “Customer First Award for Excellence” will judge dealerships in five key areas:

  • Is the facility clean, comfortable and convenient?
  • Are processes for negotiation and delivery efficient and fair?
  • Does the dealership rank high in customer surveys for both sales and service?
  • Does the dealership rank high in employee satisfaction surveys?
  • Does the dealership meet or exceed the minimum training goals for all staff that interacts with the customer?

Chapman Chrysler Jeep and all other dealerships are participating in 60 different training exercises across the country to make sure they understand the requirements of the program and are prepared to provide a superior experience for each customer. The program is designed to not only attract new customers, but to retain customers who have been loyal to the Chrysler brand.

“Over the past several years we’ve taken bold strides to improve out business plan, our products, and our market share,” according to FCA sales vice president Reid Bigland. “Those efforts have translated to FCA delivering a streak of 68 consecutive months of year-over-year sales growth. If we are to continue our growth, we need to retain the customers that we’ve worked so hard to conquest over the last four years and bring new buyers to our brands and dealerships.”

Award-winning dealerships will receive special recognition on all Chrysler websites and in Internet searches. They will also receive the right to use the award winning logo in marketing campaigns, as well as a plaque for display in the showroom.

“At its core, this initiative will enable each of our dealers to earn certification as Customer First Award for Excellence dealers and market themselves to customers as an elite store,” said Al Gardner, network development chief for FCA North America. “We believe it will give us a serious competitive advantage in the marketplace that, along with our great products and strong brands, will significantly improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention in our dealerships.”

Chapman Chrysler Jeep customers show their loyalty by returning to the dealership that offers great deals and puts the customer first. A caring and attentive service staff keeps customers coming back. Online coupons and an easy web-based service appointment form makes it a snap to book an appointment and get your car back on the road. Look for an award winning plaque in the Chapman showroom soon.

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