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Camp Jeep Experience Appears at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show


Jeep created lots of buzz at the Chicago Auto Show (CAS) with their unique “off-road” circuit. What began as a military general-purpose (GP) vehicle has turned into one of the most impressive all-purpose vehicles on the market today. And at Chapman Chrysler Jeep, we are proud to carry such broad selection of these vastly popular vehicles.

The water hazard was the only missing obstacle from the Jeep circuit because the McCormick Place management and cautious lawyers wouldn’t allow it. Even with this part missing, guests still got a good feel for what the various Jeep models can do in off road conditions.

The course included a slope with a 35-degree up angle (and drop), a line of logs and rocks and a hurdle created to put Jeep automobiles up on 2 tires. Jeep pros drove CAS visitors around the course describing the distinctive 4 wheel drive and off-roading capabilities in remarkable detail.

The “Camp Jeep” circuit was the most creative experience offered at the 2015 CAS, since it wasn’t a basic oval course. Auto Show goers were able to take a seat in the most recent Jeep automobiles and genuinely have a feel for exactly how they might operate under off-roading conditions. The expert staff was also very helpful in talking about the finer points of Jeep technological innovation.

Jeep’s full 2015 lineup of vehicles were available for guests to experience. Some of the 2015 Jeeps available at Camp Jeep included the Jeep Renegade, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Wrangler Rubicon, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

There were 5 categories for each Jeep Trail rating. Here are the winners in each group.

Flexibility is the vital to great articulation of the suspension system. The Wrangler Rubicon came out ahead in this category with the Renegade with its independent suspension coming a surprising second.

Agility and athleticism is key in this category. How easy can the Jeep go over logs, boulders and other obstacles? The Jeep Grand Cherokee, with its air ride suspension was the leader in this category.

Ground Clearance
This is the ability to clear nasty logs, rocks and uneven ground without causing damage to the undercarriage. The Wrangler Rubicon was the winner and the Grand Cherokee was a surprising second.

Trail Rated traction indicates you possess the capability to overcome an array of topography and driving situations. All Jeeps did well in this category, as they should.

Water Fording
The Wrangler has the ability to move through 30 inches of water, and was the clear winner in this category.

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