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A Good Maintenance Schedule Can Help Avoid Expensive Repairs and Vehicle Breakdowns

303111_10151713226881515_1803637476_nChapman Chrysler Jeep wants to remind you that a good maintenance routine can save vehicle owners big bucks in the long run by eliminating costly problems before they happen and increasing a vehicle’s fuel economy. The most important and priceless thing a good maintenance schedule can give a car owner is peace of mind on the roads. You are less likely to have an untimely breakdown on the highway if all vehicle fluids are level, the battery isn’t low on life and your tire pressure is correct. There are simple things owners can do to ensure peace of mind and vehicle reliability and potentially save hundreds of dollars in repairs.

I’ll start with the simple stuff that one should check at least once every month. The first is tire pressure. If you have ever rode a bike with flat tires you know how much extra energy it takes to pedal. When your car has flat tires it takes more gas to go forward and costs the driver dollars with every mile driven on soft tires. A pressure gauge is less than $5 and many gas stations provide free air. The next thing to check is tire tread. I have spun out on icy roads because I was too lazy to check if my tires were worn and needed to be replaced. It takes a few seconds to check your tires for  bald spots, uneven wear and exposed metal. Tread should be visible and even:  If it isn’t, get your tires rotated or have the alignment adjusted. Other things to check monthly are the vehicle lights and washer fluid.

Some things your Henderson Jeep dealer wants to remind you to check every three months or 3,000 miles are transmission and power steering fluid levels, as well as the condition of your air filter. If you live is the desert or another place with a lot of sediment in the air, replacing your air filter is relatively inexpensive and can do wonders for your engine life. Also, for less than $5, you can buy fuel system cleaner that you pour into your tank every 3,000 miles and it cleans the fuel system while you drive. However, the single  most important thing to check every 3,000 miles is your motor oil. Maintaining clean oil and the proper levels are key. Checking the dipstick for proper oil levels and clarity can spare an owner from many oil-related engine problems; getting the oil changed per manufacturer recommendations will help ensure your engine operates efficiently.

Some annual check ups should include things like the brake pads, and vehicle lubrication. Lastly, changing the car battery every 3 years will spare an owner from a lot of untimely breakdowns. Most other issues are vehicle specific and are best to consult with ones dealer about. Again, every vehicle has specific issues that are good to know about. Consult your trusted auto-body shop or the dealer you bought the car at. Chrysler Jeep service provides all the info customers need to know about the vehicles purchased there, and will help you build your own personal maintenance schedule.

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