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2019 Jeep Cherokee Review: The Edge of Greatness



The 2019 Jeep Cherokee has been released and there are some noticeable differences to this popular model of Jeep. For those who are very fond of the Cherokee, this is the first real updates that the vehicle has received since 2014. Overall, the changes are all an improvement.

To start, the engine has been changed for the vehicle. The horsepower has decreased by one horse to 270, but the torque has been increased. This gives the engine more power at the get go and allows it to perform better overall. After trying two different versions of the Cherokee, the new engine is definitely ranked as an improvement.

The transmission, however, still has the lag in it that was experienced when it was last changed in the 2014. There is a noticeable pause between stepping on the gas and when the vehicle actually starts to move. For some people, this would be a deal-breaker on buying the vehicle, for others it does not matter.

There are a few tweaks to the interior of the vehicle that were probably not necessary, but definitely an improvement. The seven-inch screen and operating system are nice and work well. We will say, however, that if you are operating an older phone or operating system on your phone, there maybe a conflict between the two systems.

The interior has about the same amount of room as previous versions and the head room in the back is still lower than similar models. However, most people do not even notice the difference in head room and a person that is six-foot-tall can easily fit in the back seat without having to bend their neck.

The Cherokee, of course, is still an exceptional off-road vehicle. This has been the fact for as long as anyone can remember. The new model does not disappoint in this manner in any way. The Cherokee will remain the top of the line off-road vehicle for the 2019 model. While you can’t take a Cherokee off-roading on a test drive, you can test drive one at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

The safety features on the 2019 Cherokee have been improved as well. Newer technologies have been added to the vehicle and older technologies have been improved. The vehicle has not undergone all of its new crash testing by the Insurance Safety Council, but it is anticipated to pass with flying colors as it always does. The Cherokee almost always ranks high in safety features because Jeep knowns this vehicle is often taken off-road and used in rougher conditions than just highway driving.

The only other drawback that was really discovered with the vehicle is the fact that you must run premium gas in the car for top performance. This pretty much eliminates any cost savings you would have from the exceptionally high miles per gallon this type of vehicle offers.

Overall, if you love the Jeep Cherokee, you will also love the 2019 version. The good points far outweigh any drawbacks that we discovered when testing the vehicle. The 2018 version of the Jeep Cherokee was ranked as the best built car in the U.S. for that year. It will be easy to believe that the updated 2019 version will have no problem earning this title as well.

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