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The 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4×4 has a new upgraded design for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The SUV remains one of the best vehicles in the Jeep line and is perfect to drive on any type of surface. The Sahara will undoubtedly remain a favorite of all the Jeep flavors.

Body Style

To begin, the new look to the Jeep Sahara is sleek. Subtle changes to the grill and windshield make it more aerodynamic without loosing the overall Jeep look. In fact, the company knows that nothing else looks like a Jeep and did not even place a logo on the front grill.

The headlights are LED lights that are brighter than previous versions. The turn signals have been incorporated into the fender and contain LED’s as well. The largest change in the front if the vehicle is the rubber guards on the hood where windshield washer fluid emerges. These guards have been made larger to give extra protection to the windshield if you choose to fold it down. You can see how a Jeep fits into your life and check one out at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

The largest difference in the body styles is the different roof options. A new soft or premium soft top is now available. These tops are very easy to use and are sure to become the most popular top for the vehicle. The hard top is now available in body color or in a standard black plastic, and a third option, an all fabric power top is now available on the Sahara.

The power fabric top is the top-of-the-line choice for the Sahara and runs about $3,500 for the option. The top moves automatically and folds like an accordion. You can remove the rear quarter windows with this top.

The Engine

The Wrangler Unlimited Sahara has a V6 Pentastar Engine with 285 horsepower. The 3.6 liter engine has 260 pounds of torque. A smaller 2 liter 4 cylinder engine is available on special order. However, this smaller and less powerful engine will cost the buyer more. The Sahara has an 8 speed transmission. Overall, the vehicle averages about 21 miles per gallon.


The interior of the Sahara has been significantly upgraded. The option of an 8.7 inch full color informational screen that is equipped with Uconnect 4.0 is one of the newest features to the Wrangler family. The system is very responsive and easy to use. It is also located in an area that will prevent distraction to the driver.

Of course, the interior of the Jeep still remains waterproof. The knobs and fixtures still remain bulky so that they are easy to grab, especially when wearing gloves. The seats are still comfortable and the leg room in the front seat area is still ample enough for taller people to feel comfortable when driving.

One of the largest changes is the addition of the backup camera. The new Sahara has a backup camera system that is hidden within the tire on the back of the Jeep. It is incased in a metal box to allow easy removal of the spare tire. This is the first Jeep to feature the backup camera.


When getting an SUV, it can be tempting to get a bare bones one that is great at off-roading but not so great when it comes to city or highway driving. Other SUVs have no soul and aren’t great off the road. However, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara is a rare breed. It’s both fun to drive, and it’s civilized.

Inside, the interior is familiar and comfortable for Jeep drivers. With the Uconnect touchscreen information system, you can stay connected and have a ton of information at your fingertips. With the reverse USB Type-C ports, you can rapidly charge your devices. Those who have an I-Phone can use the larger type-A ports.

Sadly, a lot of SUV owners don’t take them into the dirt or mud. But, Jeep Wrangler owners are a bit of a different breed and they feel that there is no reason to buy an SUV and not use it for what it was meant – to go into the dirt and mud! With the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara, you will enjoy a little kit so you can take the doors off and remove the windshield. This is unique when compared to other boring SUVs. With a torx driver, you can easily remove the door and have more fun.

if you want to enjoy the top down, you can use the Sky One-Touch power top, which is basically a fabric sunroof that folds itself up. With an open sky, you can really enjoy a Jeep Unlimited Sahara. With the four-door hardtop and removing the doors, you can truly feel the open experience while in nature. If you haven’t ever driven a doorless Jeep, you are in for a nice treat, though you may have to get aftermarket mirrors as it’s a unique experience to change lanes without the side mirrors, which must be removed. If you want to take one for a spin, check a Jeep out at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

If you are a Jeep driver and care at all about how fun your SUV is, you know how important a powerful engine is, and Jeep isn’t going to let you down. With a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 and six-speed manual, or eight-speed automatic, transmission, you are sure to enjoy how smoothly it shifts. With enough power to plow through mud, merge on the freeway or fly down the highway on your way to a new adventure, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara is certainly not underpowered by any stretch of the imagination.

With more than seven decades of engineering expeirence, the Wrangler obviously has some great, solid axles. They are suspended by coil springs and are well-controlled with a five-link layout. This makes it easy to do what you want to do, on and off the road. With four-wheel drive, anyone who owns a Jeep Wrangler is certainly unstoppable.

If you are looking for a civilized, yet fun to drive SUV, it’s hard to deny that the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara isn’t the best in class. Not only does it offer luxury and is fun to drive, but any Jeep Wrangler is a true machine.