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Plenty of Room for Everyone

With the ability to seat up to seven people and an EPA gas mileage rating of 26 mpg, the Dodge Journey is the perfect vehicle for a long road trip this summer. Pack the kids, the gear and even the dog and head out across country to a theme park or National Forest. You’ll make good time on your trip as the Journey gets up to 500 miles per tank, allowing you to leave your Vegas home and end up on a San Diego beach without needing to stop for gas. Stop by Chapman Chrysler Jeep for a test drive today.

Keeping Cargo Safe is Job Number One

Whether your hauling eggs or children, it’s Dodge’s responsibility to keep cargo and people as safe as possible. The Dodge Journey has seven advanced airbags strategically placed, including side curtain airbags on the second and third row seats to help protect everything in side the vehicle. Active front seat headrests adjust in the event of a rear-end collision, helping to keep your neck and spine safe. Front and rear crumple zones help absorb the energy of a crash and funnel the impact away from the interior. A dual steel frame also absorbs damage during a collision. A rearview camera, advanced braking system and electronic stability control all help you avoid a collision in the first place.

Journey Engine Choices Cover Power and Efficiency

The 3.6L Pentastar V6 motor is used throughout the Chrysler lineup in vans, trucks, Jeeps and the Journey. Choose this motor and you get a powerful 283 horses to go along with 260 pound feet of torque. The other option is the 2.4L 4-cylinder motor that generates 173 horsepower but delivers up to 26 mpg. If you have a large family and plan on towing something, the V6 probably makes sense. Otherwise, the 4-cylinder provides plenty of torque to get you and your occupants over the mountains and to your final destination. Drive both versions and decide for yourself with a visit to Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Roomy Interior Comfortable and Flexible

The ability of the Journey to adapt to your cargo and people hauling needs is one of its key selling features. You can turn the second row seats into a bench or keep them as separate recliners. Fold both down to create the maximum room for cargo or an impromptu sleeping area. A raised third row seat is easily accessible from either side, or can be folded down to make room for more stuff. An available six-way power driver seat with lumbar support makes the Journey a comfortable vehicle for your daily commute or a long vacation trek.


Jeep Wrangler Sahara



The Jeep Wrangler Sahara has been described as sporty and stylish by almost every reviewer who has gotten behind the wheel of one. Jeep is becoming more and more popular as people want sporty SUVs that can actually go off road and into the dirt and mud. Jeep knows that people want luxury and style in an SUV, and the Wrangler Sahara offers both.

It is easy to take Jeep for granted as the company has been making great SUVs for generations. If you haven’t checked one out, you will be surprised at how luxurious the Jeep brand has become. While purists prefer a manual transmission, it is easy to get an automatic version, which is still powerful, quick and fun to drive. There are also a host of other goodies you can add on such as Bluetooth connectivity and a color-matched hardtop, as well as a premium sound system. To test out a Jeep Wrangler Sahara, you can head on down to Chapman Chrysler Jeep, where you can see the sound system, and everything else, in action.

If you are getting a Jeep Wrangler Sahara, you probably care more about how it performs then Bluetooth or a premium sound system. If you are looking to take it into the desert, you will love the removable doors and roof panels, as it will allow you to take it anywhere, anytime. It has a refined, and efficient, 285 horsepower V6 3.6 liter engine that delivers smooth and reliable power. With a six-speed transmission, you are going to have a lot of fun driving the Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Whether you are merging onto the freeway, driving on a two-lane highway, the six-speed transmission and the 285 horsepower engine will get you where you want to go.

The Jeep brand is synonymous with off-roading, and a lot of people buy the name because they want to take their vehicles off-road. When SUVs became popular, a lot of manufacturers built SUVs with car frames. Meaning, while SUVs looked tough and had a lot of room, they failed to provide a driver with a fun off-roading experience.

If you want to see a Jeep Wrangler Sahara in action, you can test drive one yourself and see how it performs. But, if you to take it off the pavement, you are probably out of luck. However, there are plenty of videos showing how well the Jeep Wrangler Sahara performs in the mud, up big hills and in gravel. With a refined chassis and decades of engineering experience, the Wrangler Sahara will not disappoint even the most adventurous off-road drivers who want to get in, and out, of trouble.

While there are some high-end SUVs that break the bank, the Jeep Wrangler Sahara is not one of them. At under 25,000 for the basic model, this represents a tremendous opportunity to get a great SUV as a fair price. Of course, much like with any vehicle, there are extras that you can add on, which can cause the price to rise, drastically. But, with all the add-ons available, you can get a  top-of-the-line SUV that will last a long time. 

Either way, if you are looking for a sporty, somewhat luxurious, and stylish SUV, you have found it in the Jeep Wrangler, and you should check one out.


Town and Country Successor Ready for Road

Chrysler polled many of the owners of the 6 million minivans the company still has on the road before creating the new Pacifica minivan. As the successor to the flagship Town and Country, the Chrysler Pacifica has some very big shoes to fill. The good news is that reviewers seem to think the new van is a perfect fit. “Motor Trend” says the new model, available now at Chapman Chrysler Jeep, has a greater attention to detail than its predecessor. The interior stitching appears to be hand-sewn and panels fit together tightly. While the outside delivers a more sporty appearance than other minivans, the inside has an air of sophistication that might make you forget this is a van built to haul around the neighborhood soccer team.

Gas and Hybrid Models Both Offer Great Efficiency

Whether you choose the V6 gasoline model or the hybrid, you can expect outstanding fuel efficiency from the new Chrysler Pacifica. Using the popular Pentastar V6 engine that appears in everything from Jeeps to Ram trucks, the engineers at Chrysler have fine-tuned the Pacifica to earn 28 mpg on the highway while still delivering class-leading torque and horsepower. Choose the soon-to-be-available hybrid and you’ll get an astounding 80 MPGe.

Pacifica Offers Five Trim Packages

Starting at just a shade more than $28K, the base LX still provides an impressive list of standard features that includes Stow ‘n Go seating, power windows, three zone temperature control, noise cancellation and Bluetooth streaming. The features keep adding on as you move up through the trim packages until you get to the luxury Limited, which has such sophisticated features as a panoramic sunroof, on-board vacuum cleaner, leather trimmed seats and power third-row seat.

Safety Technology Keeps Precious Cargo Safe

As you might expect in this day and age, the Chrysler Pacifica offers an outstanding package of driver assistance technology that will help keep you and your passengers safe. Lane departure warning gives an audible beep if you start to drift without using your turn signals, then gently corrects you back into your lane. Another feature not only warns you of an impending front collision, but applies the brakes if you don’t respond. A 360-degree camera lets you see all around your vehicle to help avoid backing over obstacles, including pedestrians. Experience the luxury and technology of the new Pacifica by taking a drive to Chapman Chrysler Jeep.


Fiat Chrysler had another great month, and the company lately has done very little wrong and a lot right. In a time when other manufacturers are struggling to unload their products, Fiat is not having the same struggle. Fiat Chrysler said that its sales in the United States jumped 1.1 percent higher in May, mostly as a result of the popularity of Jeep. Though, while true, other brands such as Ram are doing well, and there is big reason to be optimistic about the future of Fiat Chrysler.

The automaker sold 204,452 vehicles in the month, which is actually the best may it has had in 11 years. Though, it is only a small jump. Last year it sold 202,227 vehicles in May. This was, as mentioned, buoyed by a 14 percent jump in Jeep sales. Sales in Dodge, Fiat and Chrysler brands actually fell from a year ago. This proves how beloved and popular the Jeep brand has become over the past few years. In fact, Jeep is taking over things, and many other SUV makers are seeing slighter gains, or no gains at all. To see why Chrysler is gaining, you should test drive one at Chapman Chrysler Jeep. You are sure to be in awe of what the company has to offer.

One reason sales may have been hurt is because their were two fewer selling days in May when compared with May of last year. Combined with unpredictable weather in many parts of the country, and we can see that Chrysler did well when all things are considered. With a long summer season ahead of us and lots of great weather, Fiat Chrysler has reason to be optimistic.

One reason to be optimistic about the auto industry is due to the fact that gas prices are low, and they should stay low for a long time. This should especial help Jeep and other SUV makers. With the average price of gasoline sitting at around $2.30, it is easy to see why people have no fear when buying an SUV or car. Another factor that is making things easier on buyers is low interest rates. Either way,this should bode well for anyone who wants to buy a car, truck or SUV. Not to mention that Jeep is, and always has been, innovating, and this shows when you check one out at the showroom.

To understand why Fiat Chrysler is doing so well with the Jeep brand, you need to understand Jeep a little better. With the Jeep Cherokee, you get a rear axle disconnect, which is a first in the mid-size SUV segment. With this system, you reduce energy loss when 4-wheel drive isn’t necessary. This, naturally, increases fuel economy. On top of that, the 9-speed gearbox was introduced with the Jeep Renegade, a compact SUV that many call a game- changer as it is popular among many segments of the driving population.

Fiat Chrysler is making great strides in a time when other manufacturers are faltering. While true, the biggest and most important reason why is Jeep. With that in mind, you should check out one for yourself and see what the hype is. You won’t be disappointed.