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Jeep Renegade




It is hard not to fall in love with Jeep as the brand offers amazing SUVs, and it is a top-notch manufacturer that cares about quality and value. This is the reason why many shoppers come back time and time again to get their hands on the latest Jeep, and if you are looking at buying the Renegade, you will find that it is simple, yet refined and perfect.

As sales of small SUVs are growing rapidly, manufacturers such as Jeep have responded to the needs of buyers. At the same time, while people want smaller SUVs, they don’t want to give up comfort, style or safety, and this has been a big challenge for most car companies. But, as mentioned, there is a response to this need, and Jeep is on top of it with the new Renegade.

With the Renegade Sport model, you get a 1.4L turbocharged four-banger with a manual transmission and a third pedal, which is so rare these days. It makes it more fun to drive and easier to get in, and out of, trouble. With four-wheel drive and a turbocharged engine, you can enjoy an SUV for what it was made for. At the same time, the overall cost to own is lower as you will not waste too much gas. With extra options, which you should consider, you can really enjoy the SUV to the fullest. By adding a backup camera, Bluetooth and removable roof panels, you will spend more, but you will also have a true road warrior ready for it all. To see how great the accessories are and how you a Jeep Renegade feels, check one out at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

If you are going to buy a Jeep Renegade, you must take it off the road. Otherwise, you are better off finding a boring sedan to get you to and from work. This does not mean that you cannot make this a commuter vehicle, but you must take it out on the mud on weekends. If not, you will regret it. As mentioned, the Renegade with four-wheel drive is going to be a lot of fun, and with a small frame, you will not struggle off the pavement, while other SUV owners will. While you cannot test drive it off the road, if you want to see how it feels on the highway or freeway, you should check one out at your local dealer. You are sure to fall in love with the comfort, style and overall feel of the SUV.

Inside the cockpit, you will not be using a luxurious vehicle by any means, but you should not come to expect this from Jeep. However, with a large touchscreen head unit, which is an option, you can really enjoy the best of both worlds. Without a doubt, the seats are still comfortable for children and adults alike, and a driver will have no problem enjoying him or herself on a long road trip or just a drive down the street.

The Jeep Renegade is a force to be reckoned with, and with a decent starting price tag and plenty of options to add on, you are not going to regret buying one.

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Trail Rating More Than Just Another Badge

When Jeep applies the Trail Rated metallic logo to one of its 4×4 vehicles, it means that model and trim package qualifies to meet the toughest standards in five different off-road categories. Only 4×4 models need apply to this set of grueling tests that evaluate the vehicle’s ability with traction, water fording, maneuverability, articulation and ground clearance. The Trail Rating means that you can count on your Jeep to survive in some of the harshest conditions on Earth. Check out the Trail Rated Jeep inventory and compare different models at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Traction Tested on Different Terrains

If your Jeep can’t get traction, you aren’t going to go very far. Jeep’s Active Drive 4×4 has a low-range crawl feature that gives you the ability to slowly work your way through slippery or unstable terrain. Drivers test the different models on mud, snow and ice, as well as on steep, rocky terrain to ensure your Jeep has the foothold to keep moving forward.

Don’t Let a Little Water Get in Your Way

Off-roaders commonly come across creeks and streams where they have to make a decision to go forward or turn around. The Trail Rated Jeeps undergo water fording testing to make sure they can pass where others don’t dare. Sealing of the electrical system and body, coupled with a high air intake, let you pass in water depths up to 30 inches, depending on your Jeep model. Even the littlest Jeep Renegade can ford streams up to 20 inches in depth.

Maneuverability Helps Dodge Disaster

If you’ve ever been four-wheeling on a serious trail, you know that obstacles and disaster can lurk around the next corner. A tight turning radius and the ability to quickly evade dangerous situations is a key part of the Trail Rated package. The Wrangler has a turning circle of 17.3 feet, which is one reason it’s consider the ultimate off-road machine.

Keep Your Wheels on Terra Firma

It’s critical to keep all your wheels on the trail as much as possible so you can properly utilize the four-wheel drive. Outstanding articulation lets one wheel go high while another goes low, providing traction on both sides to keep you crawling along.

Ground Clearance Lets You Cruise Over Obstacles

The important thing to remember about ground clearance is not just that you need a vehicle high enough to pass over boulders and logs. You also need an off-road machine with good approach and departure angles, meaning you don’t get hung up when approaching a crevice down a steep grade or departing up a high incline. Trail Rated Jeeps all have high departure angles, leaving you clear to lead the expedition safely. See why Trail Rated Jeeps are the best bet for off-roading with a trip to Chapman Chrysler Jeep.



In April 2016, no brand of Fiat Chrysler automobile sold like a Jeep. Jeep saw it sales climb 17% to help lead Chrysler to a 6% increase in sales. Jeep has long been one of the most beloved Chrysler brands. In April 2016 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sold 199,631 vehicles. Not only is that a 6% increase in sales over April 2015, it’s the most vehicles the company has sold in April in the last 11 years. The Jeep brand led the way. The number of Jeeps sold in April 2016 rose 17% over last year. Without a doubt, there is a reason for the rise in popularity, and you should see for yourself at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

In fact, this is the most Jeeps the company has ever sold in April in its long and illustrious history. Several different models set monthly records. Sales of the Jeep Compass were up 124%. The Jeep Renegade sales gained 131%. Sales of the Jeep Grand Cherokee rose by 12%. However, sales of the Jeep Cherokee fell 7% over April 2015. If you want to check out some of the latest Jeep inventory, you can find what you are looking for.

The significant rise in the sales of Jeep in April 2016 was not a surprise to many. In fact, the analysts for Kelley Blue Book had posted a projected sales figure for Jeep for April 2016 of 201,000 units or a 6.3% increase over last year. The analysts at Edmunds also estimated strong sales for Jeeps in April 2016. Their projected sales figure for April 2016 was 197,759 units. Kelly Blue Book also forecasted that the average selling price for Jeeps for April would be $35,032. This would be a 0.1% increase in price year over year and a month over month increase of 4.8%.

There were 84,298 Jeep vehicles sold in April 2016. The company sold 9,730 units of the all-new Jeep Renegade in April. That brings their year to date total of Jeep Renegades sold to 31,681. With their historically strong sales in April 2016, that makes 31 consecutive months that Jeep vehicles have set a sales record. But Jeeps were not the only vehicle in the Fiat Chrysler Automobile stable to have a great April 2016. The company sold 41,079 units of their popular Ram pickup. In April 2015 the company sold 37, 921 Ram pickup. That’s an 8% rise in sales year over year. Plus the April 2016 Ram pickup sales numbers represents the most Ram pickups sold in April since 2005.

The Chrysler 300 sold well in April 2016 also. Over 5,570 units of the Chrysler 300 were sold for a year over year increase of 47%. It was also a four year high for the automobile in April sales. However, the news in April was not all good for FCA. There was an 18% decline in sales of the Chrysler brand. Chrysler 200 sales in April 2016 was only 7,591. That is a 60% drop in sales from the year before. Dodge sales also fell 3% in April 2016 compared to 2015. The good news for Dodge is 13,203 Dodge Caravans sold in April. That’s a 116% increase.


Take Your Pick of Off-road Systems

The fun-to-drive Jeep Renegade is taking the off-road world by storm, in part because it offers drivers their choice of two different 4x4 systems. Pick the Sport, Limited or Latitude trim package and you get Active Drive. Active Drive Low is available only on the Trailhawk model. Although both systems provide rear axle disconnect to increase efficiency when you’re on the highway, only the Active Drive Low configuration delivers a 20:1 crawl ratio for ultimate control when you get on those super tough trails. Active Drive Low earns the Renegade Trailhawk a Trail Rated badge, which means it has earned the right to take on America’s toughest trails. See the tough Renegade and take it for a drive by visiting Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Selec-Terrain Dial Lets You React to Road Conditions

Every Jeep Renegade with 4×4 capability has the exclusive Selec-Terrain system that allows you to change traction settings based on the driving surface. Click on “Auto” for normal conditions, but then you can switch to “Snow,” “Sand” or “Mud” as your terrain changes. The Trailhawk has an additional “Rock” setting for climbing those nasty trails. Each setting is tailor made for a specific condition, adjusting the traction to give you maximum control.

2.4L Tigershark Engine Has Plenty of Pop

Whether you’re climbing a tough hill or pulling a small camper or personal watercraft, the 2.4L Tigershark engine provides plenty of power. The Jeep Renegade can tow up to 2,000 pounds with this efficient motor that earns a 31 mpg rating on the highway. A class-exclusive nine-speed automatic transmission provides enough torque to get started, and then seamlessly shifts through all the gears to keep you up to speed and bypassing the pumps. The suspension system and handling on the Renegade have been fine-tuned to provide plenty of response while still delivering a comfortable ride. Selective damping on the front and rear struts produce a premium driving experience. Vented disc brakes mean you have lots of stopping power without worrying about overheating.

Let the Sunshine In

The MySky open-air roof panels let you take your top off without having to worry about running into a rain storm. The Jeep Renegade has a special place to stow the panels so you can pull over and put them back on if the weather gets dicey. See all the great features the Renegade has to offer with a trip to Chapman Chrysler Jeep.


Continued Innovation Keeps Grand Cherokee on Top

By innovating and responding to customer desires, Jeep has kept on top of the off-road and SUV market for the past 75 years. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit delivers the ultimate in luxury and comfort while still providing the ability for a great off-road experience. The craftsmanship in the Summit is unparalleled, with tight fitting seams, extensive use of luxurious Laguna leather and a wide variety of safety and other technology features. Stop by Chapman Chrysler Jeep to see why the Summit is a cut above other four-wheel drive SUVs.

Updated Exterior Look Exudes Sophistication

With a new front fascia, black grille with chrome accents, LED fog lights and 20-inch aluminum wheels, the exterior of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit is as at home delivering you to a night at the opera as it is hauling your family to a mountain retreat. Add the Platinum Appearance group for another step up on the luxury ladder. Muscular wheel wells and a wide stance provide an aggressive look whether you’re ferrying the kids to school or debating on taking the easy way or the hard way on your next off-road trail.

Choose From Trio of Engines

For the most efficient driving that still comes with plenty of low-end torque, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit offers the 3.0L V6 Diesel engine that give you up to 30 mpg on the highway along with 240 horsepower. The 3.6L 24-valve gas engine comes standard on the Summit, producing 295 horsepower. If you want the roar of a HEMI, a 5.7L multi-displacement system V8 pumps out 360 horses and 390 pound-feet of torque, with a maximum towing capability of 7,400 pounds.

Interior Like Sitting in Your Home Recliner

The well-bolstered and padded seats of the new Summit will embrace you like your favorite old recliner, providing a safe and comfortable ride that helps eliminate the fatigue that can come with long drives. A leather dash, console and door panels adds to the feeling of luxury, as does the premium suede headliner. The Summit keeps the outside noise out and enhances the concert quality sound of the Harmon Kardon 19-speaker stereo by utilizing active noise cancellation in all the outside panels. A wide array of driver safety technology utilizes sensors to help avoid collisions and minimize damage and injury in the case of a wreck. See how sophisticated an SUV can be by taking a test drive in the new Summit at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.