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2016 Chrysler 200 Combines Value, Sporty Handling

2016 200


2016 Chrysler 200 Combines Value, Sporty Handling




If you are looking for a car that combines value, power, and sporty handling with good looks, comfort, and incredible performance, then the 2016 Chrysler 200 is the perfect car for you. This automobile also has all the technology Silicon Valley has to offer. The 2016 Chrysler 200 with its powerful 4-cylinder, 184 horsepower engine, front-wheel drive, advanced safety features, 9-speed automatic transmission, steering wheel audio controls, keyless entry, and loads of safety features is one of the U.S’ lowest priced family sedans offered in 2016. It almost seems too good to be true.

Whether you choose the base model or spring for the upgrades, you can rest assured you are getting great value for your dollar. Consumers know this. Sales of the 2015 model rose 51% over the year before and customer satisfaction improved too. It seems more and more people are falling in love with the gorgeous Chrysler 200. It’s hard to say whether it is the performance, gas mileage, 5-star government crash-test rating, or all the new technology that has generated the increased interest. The less than $25,000 base price sure didn’t hurt.

For consumers that want their 2016 Chrysler 200 to do more, there are all kinds of upgrades available. Sure the large touchscreen with a variety of apps, text suppression, and phone calls automatically routed to voice mail to allow the driver to focus are standard, but customers can add rearview camera, Bluetooth, and drive-select Eco mode for a song. And if the 23 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway offered by the base model isn’t impressive enough, the car’s pleasing exterior, interior filled with creature comforts, and 16 cubic feet of trunk space, are sure to at least make you smile. Come on down to¬†Chapman Chrysler Jeep to see one for yourself.

Upgrade from the front-wheel drive model with a non-turbo, 4-cylinder engine to the AWD, Pentastar V-6, 3.5-liter double overhead cam 295 horsepower engine and you’ll have a vehicle that’s eager to perform. Its sporty sounding engine lets people know there’s power under the hood and the car is willing to use it at the slightest depression of the accelerator. Plus the AWD provides the Chrysler 200 with excellent traction even on wet pavement. Its on-center steering feel, 19-inch optional all-season tires, and sport suspension lets you feel the road and produces an exhilarating driving experience you won’t soon forget.

Another innovation in the 2016 Chrysler 200 is the elimination of the gearshift. It’s replaced with a rotary dial which puts the ability to change gears at your fingertips. Plus you can opt to upgrade to vented and heated plump, super-comfortable front seats with stylishly sewn seams should you so desire. Add that to all the other amenities available on this automobile and it becomes easier to understand what made consumers gobble up the 2015 model in near record numbers. So if you are looking for an innovative, affordable, sporty-handling, technologically advanced, automobile with a growling engine that’s sure to turn heads, check out the stylish, new 2016 Chrysler 200.

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