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Red Rock Concept

When you want to choose the ultimate off-roading machine, you really only have a few choices, and the Jeep Wrangler is one of those choices. Of course, if you know anything about SUVs or off-roading, you probably know this is true, but it’s great to see the Jeep Wrangler rock it and impress more people, and it did this year at the SEMA 2015 with the Red Rock concept vehicle.

Every year, out in Moab, Utah, the Red Rock four-wheelers club hosts the popular Easter Jeep Safari. This is a celebration where participants can check out the latest unveilings of concept vehicles by Jeep. With the 50th anniversary approaching, Jeep decided to show its best stuff with the Easter Jeep Safari, and it unveiled a modified Wrangler concept for the 2015 SEMA show.  To see any other Jeep models that you will love, you can come to Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

The Jeep Wrangler Red Rock concept is not a new idea, and it’s based on the Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock. It features custom paint and interior trim, which is a must for any concept vehicle; it also has upgraded components and accessories. Again, for a concept vehicle to turn heads, it’s necessary to show off a bit, and the Jeep Wrangler Red Rock concept is certainly showing off, and you will love any model of the 2015 Jeep Wrangler.

While it’s fun to check out the interior and accessories, any serious off-roading enthusiast knows that there is more to an SUV. The Red Rock delivers as it uses “next-generation” solid front and rear axles, which are the Dana 44 version, manufactured by Dana Corp. They sport a 4:1 low range, which is perfect for anyone who wants to do some serious off-roading. The Jeep is, rightly so, equipped with a manual transmission that offers a 73.1:11 crawl ratio, which will help a motorist get over all of the toughest obstacles.


When looking at the exterior, we can see that the Jeep Wrangler Red Rock concept has some exterior changes, and this is the main reason why it impressed everyone. With a two inch lift and 17-inch beaadlock wheels, fog lights, LED headlights, a Warn winch, reinforced tailgate and front and rear differential covers, this is a concept that can do it all, on and off the road.

If you inspect the inside, you will love the CB radio, which is useful if you are going to play out in the desert. There are also Amaretto Brown Katzkin leather seats, which are both functional and comfortable, providing the driver and his or her passengers with a nice ride.
Unlike most other SEMA show vehicles, you may be able to get your hands on one in the future, or at least a similar model. Jeep said that the concept is previewing a special edition model that will be available to buy next year.  However, be warned, there is a production limit of just 50, so if you want one, you are going to have on be on top of things. Though, if you get one, you are sure to love it.




Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee continues to blaze new trails. The vehicle recently won both the inaugural PAPA (Phoenix Automotive Press Association) Best of the Southwest Award and the Luxury Off-Road Award at’s 12th annual Active Lifestyle Vehicle Competition. The judging was done by over 100 media members, outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. Each performed an evaluation of the vehicles and cast their vote on the one they thought best provided the things needed for people living an active lifestyle to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

The San Marcos Golf Resort located in Chandler, Arizona was the site of this year’s competition. PAPA members, Phoenix-area media members, athletes nationwide handled the judging. One the competition’s first day, media and PAPA members evaluated trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and cars. The second day, over 100 outdoor enthusiasts and athletes drawn from all over the nation, performed their own evaluation on the vehicles. When all the votes were counted, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was declared the winner in two Active Lifestyle Vehicle categories. To see why it was declared a winner, you can check one out in person at Chapman Chrysler Jeep, and you will have no doubt in your mind that it’s a great SUV.

One of the Jeep vehicles that took first place in its class in this year’s event was the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit EcoDiesel. The athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, journalists, and PAPA members voted it the winner in the ‘Luxury Off-Road’ category.
The Jeep Grand Cherokee also took home the Phoenix Automotive Press Association (PAPA) Best of the Southwest award which was being contest for the first time. Jeep Grand Cherokee owners were not surprised the vehicle won the inaugural award. For over 70 years Jeep has been one of the most popular vehicles for people that love spending time in the outdoors.

It is no surprise the Jeep Grand Cherokee impressed the PAPA judges with its superior drivability, premium interior, room for both people and gear, and durability. That’s long been the standard set by the legendary line of Jeep vehicles. American have long embraced the Jeep brand as being ideal for both everyday driving and having fun while on vacation. These Active Lifestyle Vehicle competition awards, the only one voted on by the automotive media, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts after they evaluate the vehicles’ on-road driving and ability to navigate an off-road course, only confirm what millions of Americans have known for decades.

Jeep Grand Cherokee has won more awards than any other SUV. It set the standard for premium SUVs. Now it boasts a fuel-efficient EcoDiesel engine that enables the latest iteration of the Jeep Grand Cherokee to venture far off-road while providing drivers and passengers with all the style, comfort and convenience they demand. Co-founded by Ironman Hall of Fame member Bob Babbitt, auto journalist and longtime distance runner Nina Russin, and triathlete, founder of, and longtime journalist, Jim Woodman, the ALV awards identify the best vehicles for people living the active lifestyle.


Don’t Be Afraid to Put Your Jeep to the Test

Jeep Jamboree USA is the overseeing body for a number of off-road runs throughout the nation. By organizing family-friendly off-road trips for the last 50 years, Jeep Jamboree has developed a network of organized guides that can help both newbies and seasoned off-road drivers have a weekend of fun exploring the rough outback trails of America. Hook up with the Jeep Blog to not only get the latest information on the next event, but also receive tips on camping essentials, how to get ready for a Jeep adventure and other ways to fully enjoy your Jeep. If you haven’t bought your Jeep yet, head over to Chapman Chrysler Jeep for the best buys on a whole line-up of 4×4 vehicles.

Jamboree Events Feature Both Stock and Rock Crawlers

When the vehicles start showing up for a Jeep Jamboree event, expect to see everything from a stock Cherokee to a Frankenstein rock crawler someone created in their back yard. As long as the vehicle is or used to be a Jeep and is has a 4-LO transfer case, it is eligible to participate. The event is fun for the whole family who can rely on experienced guides to help you navigate terrain that might be a little eyebrow-raising. You’ll meet new friends that will last a lifetime if you continue attending Jamboree events. Some Jamborees provide all the meals while others just provide family style dinners where you can talk with your new off-roading buddies.

One Event Left This Year, Many More in 2016

The final event of the Jamboree schedule for 2015 is in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia on November 5-7. You’ll traverse moderate to demanding trails in the beautiful Greenbrier Valley region of the state where there is plenty to see and do outside of the actual Jamboree. The schedule kicks off again in early March with the Table Mesa run in Anthem, Arizona and then moves through Texas, New Jersey, Utah, Tennessee and California. The entire 2016 schedule is available here. You have plenty of time to get ready for the Arizona Jeep Jamboree, but the holidays are a great time to stop by Chapman Chrysler Jeep in Scottsdale for a test drive.

Jeep Badge of Honor App Brings Together Serious Off-roaders

If you’re just as at home climbing a rocky 60 degree incline as you are dropping the kids off at school, you really should download the Jeep Badge of Honor app for your smart phone. The app connects you with other serious off-roaders and lets you share your photos and stories of your latest trail conquest. You earn points with each post. Once you’ve garnered enough points, you get a hard badge to put on your vehicle and show to the world how much you love hitting the open trail.