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Chrysler 200S

If you want a luxurious and fun to drive car that is affordable, you should head down to a local dealership and check out the 2015 Chrysler 200s. Not only is it easy to get your hands on, but you will see that it offers just as much as a more expensive car. While true, to really get a feel for a Chrysler 200s, you should test drive one at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

To understand why this is not another boring sedan, you must look first at the engine. With the 200s, you can get a V6, which will give you enough power. It also comes with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The 200s also has optional four-wheel drive. With a four-wheel drive setup, you can get where you want to go, and without any worrying.

For a decently sized car with a lot of power, you will be surprised to learn that you won’t waste fuel if you get the 200s. It gets a combined 22 miles per gallon if you have the v6 with the four-wheel drive. If you opt for the standard four-cylinder, you will enjoy a very respectable combined 28 miles per gallon. Either way, if you want a lot of room and some power, you will have an option that still gives you decent fuel economy.

Now, you may wonder what you get out of the V6 version. The 200s goes from 0-60 in six seconds, which put it ahead of the competition.  This is even more impressive when you realize that the curb weight is 3,811 pounds. Simply put, this is not a sub-compact car with little power. No, you get a decent engine, plenty of power and gas mileage that will save you some cash.

Speaking of saving some cash, when looking at high-end luxurious cars, you are looking at a big monthly payment. However, with the Chrysler 200s, you can get one for under 25 thousand dollars. Of course,t he price will vary greatly depending on the options you get. Either way, when looking at the price and the fact that you get decent fuel economy, you can see that this is one great deal.

Once you are in the car, you will see how comfortable it is and why it’s great for a family or a person just looking for a commuter vehicle. The ride is very comfortable, and there is plenty of room for you and your stuff. Since it’s a good sized car, you won’t worry about comfort on a short or long road trip. The cabins ergonomics are great, with easy to use controls. There is a dual-zone climate control, a heated steering wheel and a great radio.  Overall, whether you are a passenger or the driver, you will love being inside this car.

If you want a car that is not too expensive and comes with everything you want, you must check out the 2015 Chrysler 200 as it delivers in every way possible, and you are sure to love it.


When looking at the Jeep brand, it is amazing to see how much it has recovered. Just a few short years ago, the company was struggling as people were running to Japanese and European brands. While true, the last couple of years have been great, and Jeep is not looking back. This isn’t by accident, and you can easily pinpoint why this is the case.

When looking at sales of the Cherokee, you can see that the brand has revitalized itself and taken off. This is a flagship SUV that one must check out if they like SUVs with power and room. Of course, the Cherokee is also one of the best off-road SUVs, which is often why people get behind the wheel of a Jeep. However, when looking at SUVs and car sales, in general, it’s not enough to look at one model and think that it can carry the company. If you want to get behind the wheel of any Jeep, head to Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Part of the equation is low oil prices. When people were paying upwards of $4.00 for a gallon of gasoline, and more in California, New York, and Hawaii, among other places, Jeep was having a hard time getting people to buy their SUVs. While there was obviously plenty of interest from off-road enthusiasts, there were a lot of people from the general public who simply did not want to invest in a Jeep when they were paying so much for gas.

Another reason Jeep is doing so well is that the company has real SUVs. Meaning, when you get behind the wheel of a Cherokee or Renegade, among other models, you can easily go off-road and have a good time. On the other hand, when driving some other high-end and expensive SUVs, you may enjoy the ride on the freeway and you may like the luxurious items, but you will not have as much fun in the dirt and mud. Coupled with the fact that many of the major competitors don’t field reliable or interesting vehicles, and we can see why Jeep off-roading vehicles are at the top of buyers wish lists. To see more, head to Las Vegas Jeep, and you will get an idea on what you can expect from one.

While most people think of Jeep SUVs as rugged, they are making changes to become a bit more refined. Now, you can get a Jeep that is both rugged and luxurious. This is a big step as people want USB ports, GPS, leather seats and other add-ons that old Jeeps did not offer in the past. Luckily, the company is smart, and people have voted with their wallets by buying Jeep SUVs in large numbers. Jeep is not resting though, and the company plans plenty of new SUVs that will blow everyone away as the industry is always changing.

When looking at the Jeep brand, we can see that people now love it. While true, these changes are not a coincidence, and potential buyers should be more excited than ever to check out the latest offerings by Jeep.


The 2015 Jeep Wrangler has jumped onto the Top 20 of the automaker’s best-selling vehicles. It was a familiar story at the top of April’s top 20 best-selling vehicles with full-size pickup trucks like Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 1500-3500; rounding out the top 3 according to Autodata. Coming in at number 4 and 5 are Toyota’s Camry and Corolla, respectively making them the best-selling sedans in America.

All of these figures at the top of the list were not surprising. It was towards the bottom of the list that the Jeep Wrangler made its official debut. Wrangler sales soared to 18,849, which is a 22 percent increase over the last year.

The Wrangler came in at #19, just one behind its cousin the Chrysler 200 sedan. At #17 was the Jeep Cherokee, which had its second straight record-braking month of over 19,000 vehicles sold. This represents a 27% jump in sales over the previous year, making the Cherokee the leading Jeep brand for a record braking second month. These impressive sales numbers helped to lift FAC sales by 6% so far for the year, thanks to outlets like Henderson Jeep dealer.

According to John Krafcik, president of TrueCar, the auto research and buying website, FCA has done some amazing things with Jeep.

Jeep was able to get two different vehicles into the top 20 best sellers, both close to and over the 19,000 mark in April. This says a lot in the truck-oriented market and speaks to the power of the crossover. However Jeep’s powerful brand also played a role in the increased sales.

Jeep has been known for its rugged off-road, take-you-anywhere adventure lifestyle. Even if those actual adventures are few and far between, buyers still take comfort in the fact that their Jeep is capable of providing that adventure any time.

Other notable crossovers included the Honda CR-V, which moved up to 6th place in April from 9th place in March. The Chevrolet Equinox crossover made a big jump up to 7th place from 15th place in March.

The huge drop in gas prices from a year ago, from $3.69 to an average of $2.60 a gallon, also played a part in the increased sales of SUVs.

Overall 54 percent of sales in April were attributed to light trucks including SUVs, while cars made up the other 46 percent, according to Autodata Corp.

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Victor Muller, CEO and Founder, Spyker Cars

Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles will not follow the Ford F-150 and make the 2017 Jeep Wrangler an all-aluminum body, stated FCA chief Sergio Marchionne. It will stay with mostly steel. However the doors, hoods and fenders will be made of aluminium in an effort to keep the weight down.

Jeep’s rugged, go-anywhere Wrangler will also keep its body-on-frame make up instead of going to the next generation unibody design as rumors have been suggesting. This is good news for Wrangler fans that feared that a radically different design would affect Wrangler’s off-road performance.

This is also good news for Jeep’s Toledo Assembly Plant, where open-top Jeeps have been made since 1941. There was a serious risk of losing the Wrangler if FCA switched to all-aluminum because the plant wouldn’t be equipped to handle the advanced manufacturing techniques.

The Wrangler is about as traditional as a new vehicle can get. While it is a great ride off-road, the heavy body construction and solid axles make driving on pavement a rougher ride. Its iconic removable doors and lack of side impact protection gave it a “poor” side impact rating from the IIHS. The 3.6 liter V6 only gives a combined 18 mpg, which is worse than the V8 powered Chrysler 300 sedan.

The question is how long can the Wrangler survive in its current mode with increasing federal safety and emission standards. Are we looking at a vehicle that could be going obsolete?

Even with the impressive front and rear collision ratings, Jeep has to find a way to improve fuel economy and an all-aluminum body might be the inevitable answer.

Wrangler, like the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang, has been one of America’s most iconic vehicles and with every update there is a risk of losing the core customers.

Although no final decision has been made about keeping the Wrangler in Toledo, the city has made FCA a very lucrative cash deal and incentives to keep the production of the Wrangler in Toledo. The offer is such that FCA might find hard to resist.

It looks like Toledo will have the resources to produce the next generation of the Wrangler. If the Wrangler has to leave for any reason, the plant will still produce the Jeep Cherokee.

But for now it seem like the stronger, safer, more fuel efficient Wrangler still is the rugged go-anywhere truck will stay put in Toledo; keeping millions of Jeep fans and employees happy for now. Check out Chapman Jeep for more information on the rugged Jeep line up.


Jeep is experiencing great times, and the company is in better shape than ever. After many decades of turmoil and issues, the manufacturer is quickly becoming one of the most influential and popular brands in the world. In 2014, it had its best year ever, and the company sold 1.02 million vehicles worldwide. The company wants to double that number in the next five years, and it plans to do this, in part, with high-end luxury SUVs such as the Grand Wagoneer. The company wants to take on Range Rover, and here is how they are going to do it.

According to a recent article in Bloomberg Business, Jeep is going to try to compete in the full-size luxury market against big names like Mercedes-Benz and Range-Rover. In particular, the company wants to compete with Range Rover, as Jeep sees them as more of a natural enemy.  In the past, the Wagoneer was a very popular model, and the company released print ads saying that they have no rival as the company thought it was best in class. This was not hard to believe when you could see that it was luxurious and had a 4-wheel drive. All in all, the past was great for the Grand Wagoneer.

Production ended in 1991, and the Grand Wagoneer had a nice following. Based on a 1990 customer survey, Chrysler buyers had a median income of around $98,200, which is around $175,000 in current figures, and 58 percent of buyers had a college degree. When thinking about these facts and figures, we can see why Jeep is eager to get the Grand Wagoneer back in showrooms and to compete with other luxury brands. If you like the Jeep brand and you can’t wait, you can always head to Chapman Chrysler Jeep to get a current Jeep model.

Now, while it is one thing to build another Grand Wagoneer, it’s another thing to gain back that following. While it enjoyed a cult following from some buyers, the market is now more competitive than ever, and Jeep must do more than the competition to win back people who may have gone to other manufacturers.

One reason that Jeep is confident is buyers on the secondary market are still picking up old Waggoneers for a hefty premium. In fact, online sellers and people unloading their Waggoneers via newspaper advertisements are seeing that they can get a good price for their Jeep, even though it has not been around for a long time.

While the Jeep Wagoneer is not coming out until 2018, there is a lot of buzz on Internet forums as people are excited about this luxury car. At the same time, when thinking about the Grand Wagoneer, people are also looking forward to seeing what has changed in the last 22 years. While Jeep is tight-lipped about their new SUV, it’s obvious that they have big plans, and it will truly take on the Range  Rover, among other SUVs.

When thinking about the ultimate luxury SUV, a lot of people think of the Grand Wagoneer by Jeep. Without a doubt, if you get one in the future, you are going to have a good time.