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Jeep created lots of buzz at the Chicago Auto Show (CAS) with their unique “off-road” circuit. What began as a military general-purpose (GP) vehicle has turned into one of the most impressive all-purpose vehicles on the market today. And at Chapman Chrysler Jeep, we are proud to carry such broad selection of these vastly popular vehicles.

The water hazard was the only missing obstacle from the Jeep circuit because the McCormick Place management and cautious lawyers wouldn’t allow it. Even with this part missing, guests still got a good feel for what the various Jeep models can do in off road conditions.

The course included a slope with a 35-degree up angle (and drop), a line of logs and rocks and a hurdle created to put Jeep automobiles up on 2 tires. Jeep pros drove CAS visitors around the course describing the distinctive 4 wheel drive and off-roading capabilities in remarkable detail.

The “Camp Jeep” circuit was the most creative experience offered at the 2015 CAS, since it wasn’t a basic oval course. Auto Show goers were able to take a seat in the most recent Jeep automobiles and genuinely have a feel for exactly how they might operate under off-roading conditions. The expert staff was also very helpful in talking about the finer points of Jeep technological innovation.

Jeep’s full 2015 lineup of vehicles were available for guests to experience. Some of the 2015 Jeeps available at Camp Jeep included the Jeep Renegade, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Wrangler Rubicon, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

There were 5 categories for each Jeep Trail rating. Here are the winners in each group.

Flexibility is the vital to great articulation of the suspension system. The Wrangler Rubicon came out ahead in this category with the Renegade with its independent suspension coming a surprising second.

Agility and athleticism is key in this category. How easy can the Jeep go over logs, boulders and other obstacles? The Jeep Grand Cherokee, with its air ride suspension was the leader in this category.

Ground Clearance
This is the ability to clear nasty logs, rocks and uneven ground without causing damage to the undercarriage. The Wrangler Rubicon was the winner and the Grand Cherokee was a surprising second.

Trail Rated traction indicates you possess the capability to overcome an array of topography and driving situations. All Jeeps did well in this category, as they should.

Water Fording
The Wrangler has the ability to move through 30 inches of water, and was the clear winner in this category.


With the launch of the all-new 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, we took our time to test it and explore more about its drive quality. We also considered all the features available from this off-roading monster. Read on to learn more details about the latest offering in the Jeep lineup, available now at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

This bright Baja Yellow monster definitely garners attention. The offerings of the Wrangler are up-scale and come packed with a variety of high-end features. Advanced features include heated seats, in-built GPS navigation system and connectivity with a SiriusXM Satellite Radio that streams newsfeeds in real-time. The 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara is a charm to drive.

Packed with a 3.6-liter V6 Engine that churns out 285 HP, this powerful truck gives an adrenaline rush to drivers with the excellent acceleration it offers. The 2015 Jeep Wrangler comes with both manual and automatic shift modes built-in, which allows the driver to choose based upon their preferences. The drive quality feels more like a sports car rather than a 4X4 SUV, all thanks to the smooth yet powerful engine under its hood. Safety is emphasized upon in the Wrangler, which has several safety features incorporated such as stability control, anti-rollover system and traction control.

Off-roading is a delight in the 2015 Wrangler. The power it generates coupled with a quality 4-wheel drive, makes cruising over any hilly terrain a piece of cake. The new Wrangler replicates its design and capabilities from the original World War II Jeep. However it comes standard with more features to make off-roading incredibly easy and fun. You can enjoy the true experience of off-roading by removing the doors and the hardtop. The Wrangler also offers a narrow flat-sided body, rugged tube-axles, fold-down windshield, and four-wheel drive. Its four-wheel driver is capable to generate massive torque, which is necessary to master any rough terrain.

The Jeep Wrangler has come a long way from being a military transport vehicle during World War II. The Jeep has evolved by taking into consideration the off-road needs of civilians. It has a great level of control and can take drivers on any hilly or winding road with much ease. With the Wrangler, all that you would need to do is shift to the four-wheel drive mode. Then, just start rolling on the roughest drivable terrains you have always wished to explore. As the driver of a Jeep Wrangler, you will never feel underpowered or feel a lack of control while on an off-road adventure. In fact, you will likely feel an adrenaline rush once you begin exploring the terrain with this amazing vehicle.


Could be Ready for 2016 Detroit Auto Show

As the de facto vehicle for hauling around families and making the most of commuter carpools, the minivan seems to be the perfect candidate for either a hybrid or pure electric motor. On the plus side, minivans have ample clearance to store batteries, making them a good choice for an efficient alternative energy resource. On the down side, they are large, heavy and not typically as aerodynamic as smaller vehicles. Al Gardner, the president and CEO of the Chrysler division of Fiat Chrysler Automotive, embraces the challenge of providing a fuel-efficient people hauler. He recently told an interviewer that such a minivan is definitely in the works. FCA boss Sergio Marchionne echoed the sentiment when he predicted that a plug-in minivan would be ready for a reveal in less than a year.

Part of Chrysler’s Push to Build Sales

A plug-in minivan is part of a strategy designed to boost Chrysler’s sales in the United States. Although it has not grown as fast as its small truck and SUV counterparts in the Jeep and Ram divisions, Chrysler sales have been supported by the 2016 release of the Chrysler 200. This mid-size car has power, efficiency and handling that is well-received by both critics and consumers, providing impetus for the renovation of the Windsor assembly plant, where Dodge and Chrysler minivans are built.

Range is Still a Problem for Electric Vehicles

According to Marchionne, the efficiency of available batteries continues to make range a problem for larger vehicles like the minivan. Varying estimates indicate the van will get between 50 and 75 miles per gallon, but it will be a technical achievement to approach the 300-mile range that smaller electric vehicles get between charges. Still for daily commuters and soccer moms who drive an average of 50-100 miles a day, an electric minivan would be an efficient alternative to larger gas guzzling vehicles.

Fiat and Chrysler Continue to Push Innovation Boundaries

Ever since Fiat and Chrysler combined forces in 2010 they have continued to search for ways to offer consumers innovative choices that share a common architecture. The Chrysler 200, Jeep Cherokee and Dodge Dart are examples of three vehicles that share a Fiat platform. The all new Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X are subcompact vehicles that were designed on the same underpinning. So far the strategy is working as Chrysler has come out from under the shadow of bankruptcy and Fiat sales are stronger than ever in Europe. See what innovative vehicles the company has planned next by staying in touch with Chapman Chrysler Jeep.



The Jeep name invokes visions of off-road fun in a reliable, tough package. The Jeep Renegade does not disappoint in this aspect, despite its smaller stature. This sport utility vehicle combines a bold, innovative look with true off-road capabilities. These features combined with great fuel economy and several models to choose from enable consumers to enjoy the best Jeep has to offer. If you want to check out the Renegade, head to Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Off-Road Ability
The four versions of the Jeep Renegade that are currently available include the Trailhawk, Sport, Limited and Latitude. For the true off-road enthusiast, the Trailhawk is going to be the best bet. It combines skid plates, a new style of front fenders, with an ample ground clearance and Jeep’s Active Drive Low system. The Selec-Terrain system that Jeep include makes this smaller SUV maneuver easily over obstacles. The addition of the Hill-descent Control feature makes any driver look good by tackling steep grades expertly.

The interior of the Renegade provides enough room to comfortably seat five. The windows are larger than the norm to improve visibility, and the design is generally well thought out. The passenger seats fold flat for more cargo toting ability and either cloth or leather seats are available.

The base model comes with a 1.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder. This is matched with a six-speed manual transmission that provides plenty of power for the average driver. There are engine upgrades available which provide more horsepower and an automatic version that increases fuel economy to a reported 30 mpg highway.

Outperforming the Competition
It is no wonder that the Jeep Renegade shows up its small SUV competitors in the off-road, all-terrain categories. With the Jeep name, you expect nothing less. The Renegade does have a remarkably long list of other qualities that put it at the top of the list in its class of vehicles. The sporty style and design paired with its handling capabilities make it an especially great value.

Size Matters
While the Renegade does measure smaller at 166 inches in length and a cabin with 99.9 cubic feet of passenger space, it does not skimp on quality. There is plenty of room for bikes, camping gear or groceries. And with a reasonable price ($18,990-$27,990), it can be a great option as a smaller SUV.

If you want to check out the Jeep Inventory, you have options at Chapman Chrysler Jeep. The Jeep Renegade is a definite winner when it comes to all the things that matter to an SUV owner – style, performance, fuel economy, and safety. Add in the extras like the open air roof system, off-road features, seat ergonomics, funky color choices, and towing capabilities to name a few, and you get a high-quality machine that stands up to the demands of its owner. The price may be one of the biggest selling points especially when compared to other vehicles in the same class. Everyone wants an SUV though many may not want one that leaves such a carbon footprint. Whether driving to the store down the street or up and down steep and difficult terrain, its smaller size and fuel economy might make the Jeep Renegade the perfect combination for the adventurous consumer.