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Currently, plug-in hybrid technology is all the rage, and people from all walks of life have an interest in foregoing gas and plugging into their home outlets, as well as free ones all over the country. However, it has been a slow road, and Chrysler is hoping that changes by offering a plug-in hybrid electric minivan. This would be a great step in the right direction, and consumers who want to forego heading to the pump should consider the Chrysler version once it comes out.

In the past, people would not want to drive an electric car or hybrid plug-in for a few reasons, but manufacturers, and especially Chryslers, are taking care of the issues by testing new prototypes and technologies. In fact, the reality is , a minivan is a great vehicle as the company can put batteries under the floor as there is plenty of room. Of course, another thing that scares people off is the range. But, minivan drivers typical take shorter trips and often don’t go more than 10 miles from their homes.  In the near future, this will not be as much of a problem as manufactures figure out how to get the most range out of a charge. If you want to see why minivans from Chrysler are top-of-the-line, check out Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

The great thing about Chryslers is that they sell cars at a very affordable price, and if you want to buy a hybrid plug-in van, you will probably see your overall transaction cost stay in line, or below, industry averages. So, if you want to get a hybrid and you don’t want to take the risk, you should consider the Chrysler minivan once it comes out on the market. However, for now, you are going to wait a while, but you can still enjoy other versions that are available.

As Chrysler becomes more and more popular nationally and internationally, you will see more hybrids and other technology be embraced by the company.  Since everyone already knows that the Dodge Grand Caravan is an excellent offering, people are excited about this plug-in hybrid as it is sure to offer the buyer exactly what he or she wants and needs. This is one reason why buyers will probably line up to see what Chrysler has to offer.

Anyone worried about issues with plug-in hybrids should relax as Chrysler is both a big company and a company with a large R&D department. Not only that, since they are a little late to the game, they have been able to take advantage of the entire R&D that other companies have done. In the end, this makes a Chrysler Hybrid a better choice to check as a buyer won’t have to worry about minor issues that have plagued other manufacturers in the past.

If you want to take the plunge, you should check out a Chrysler plugin once it becomes available. By getting one, you can help keep the planet cleaner, all while saving a lot of cash.


The 2015 collection of Easter Jeep Safari concept vehicles were designed with a combination of production and prototype Jeep Performance Parts. While some Jeep models are more off-road oriented than others, all versions are truly trail-worthy machines that are sure to dominate any terrain with force. Check out our own collection of Jeep-brand vehicles at Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

“Jeep is proud to be taking 7 new eye-catching and extremely capable vehicles to the Easter Jeep Safari, where we expect to delight our most loyal enthusiasts,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO of the Jeep Brand. Furthermore, he added “We go to this legendary event each year to showcase our latest Jeep production vehicles, as well as a variety of new ideas in our concept vehicles. In doing so, we receive a tremendous amount of valuable feedback, while interacting with our customers in the Jeep brand’s natural environment. We’re especially looking forward to this year’s Jeep Safari, as Renegade makes its official public debut on Moab’s demanding trails.”

Jeep Chief

From the onset, the Jeep Chief is a classic throwback tribute to its earlier predecessors – the full-size Jeep Cherokee. For beach goers everywhere, this Wrangler-based concept vehicle not only turns back the hands of time but also appeals to the laid-back, California beach surfer lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want to go back to the classic, nostalgia beach days and fun rides in the sun?

Exterior Design

Its custom exterior design boasts a rather vintage Ocean Blue with a white, French Bread roof exterior color scheme. It offers a custom modified razor grille that the original Wagoneer made popular. You can’t overlook the striking halogen headlamps, offering removable sides for an open-air feel and flexible hauling for those that require a vehicle with real manpower.   You can also check out its chrome front and rear bumpers, including 17-inch slotted mag wheels for a true ’70s vibe that is guaranteed to make any enthusiastic off-roader nostalgic.

Interior Design

Jeep designers decided to go with a Hawaiian themed interior complete with Jeep-designed “Surfer” pink, blue and white flowered cloth, and leather-trimmed seats. The design is further topped off with distinct exquisiteness. The interior includes vintage-style surf stickers on the center console and door handles. Up front it offers a Rosewood front-passenger grab handle and tiki-style shifter handle, featuring a Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen media center. The Jeep Chief’s doors and windshield were reduced by 2 inches and also boasts a variety of Jeep Performance components. These components include a 2-inch lift kit with Fox shocks, front and rear Dana 44 axles with lockers, cold air intake, and modified Rubicon rock rails. Engine-wise the Chief is horse-powered by the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine, mated to a six-speed manual transmission to attack any trail with ferocity.

Jeep Staff

The Jeep Staff Car was built as a glorious tribute to legendary Jeep military service vehicles. The open-air Wrangler 4-door-based concept vehicle is a symbol of rugged functionality with heritage design cues. Imagine authenticity with historic credibility. It is noticeable observing the form of the original Jeep military service vehicles. In its minimalist form, the standard steel wheels, minimalist fender flares, “hungry horse”-stretched canvas roof, and bench seats mimic the original military Jeep vehicles.


The new Cherokee has launched a comeback after its less than stellar reviews back in 2013. At its release, fans were left disappointed that it strayed too far from its roots. However, Jeep is now entering its next phase of evolution to cement the legacy of the Cherokee by offering more options. The brand itself has experienced a slight makeover from its rough, rugged appeal to a more luxurious one. By offering more options, the new Jeep Cherokee presents a terrific value proposition for the marketplace here at Chapman Payson.

Although adding more options may translate into more profitability at face value, it may tend to limit the car to a particular class of buyer. For example, the Cherokee Latitude 4×4 – the True North Edition offers an array of cold-weather goodies, thanks to the genius masterstroke of Jim Morrison, head of Jeep’s product marketing. It turned out to be a great power play by offering up options and holding steady on the price. The True North customer preferred package came with all-heated front seats, steering wheel, wing mirrors, engine block, windshield wipers, and floor mats. Include remote starting, automatic heating for the seats and steering wheel, and you’ve got yourselves a winner.

The entire value-added options end up just $1795 over the base price of $27,900 for the Latitude-model Jeep Cherokee. The Jeep Cherokee Latitude itself is already great bang for the buck. It offers everything from automatic headlights and leather to an awesome backup camera.

Latitude at $1,695 option offered the 271-horsepower V-6 engine with the ability to shut itself off during any stops and re-starts accordingly. This functionality is ideal for gas saving and emissions purposes.

Furthermore, Jeep tested this system using its heavy-duty starter, solenoid and flywheel teeth through upwards of 300,000 on-off cycles. It also comes with the kill option, should you not like the stop-start. Additionally whenever the car’s oversize battery is reading low, the engine stays on until it’s fully recharged.

The V6 is ideal for a midsize 4×4 sports utility vehicle weighing in at about 4000 pounds. Even though the stock Cherokee engine doesn’t have a stop-start, it meets PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) standards in accordance to strict California emission rules and regulations.

You can check off the usual important aspects like steering, handling and braking. However we must pose the all-important question about Cherokee’s rather unique nine-speed automatic transmission. The fact that we have never witnessed a Cherokee reach 9th gear (or even 8th) is unheard of. Regardless, higher gearing should be conducive to fuel efficiency and we must note that gears 6 through 9 are all overdrives within the Cherokee. It must also be said that the V6 Cherokee has never achieved its highway mpg estimates.

For those of you who live on top of the mountain, perhaps the 9 gears will come in handy. All on all the transmission works seamlessly, even if the indicated gear in manual mode is not the actual one engaged. Taking the four Cherokee models into consideration — Sport, Latitude, Limited and Trailhawk — Jeep delivers three 4×4 systems. All Jeeps have Selec-Speed, which can take over hill climbing and descending. The Cherokee also comes with Selec-Terrain, which allows the driver to select from up to five driving programs: Snow, Sport, Sand/Mud, Rock and Auto.

No matter what plans you have for the Cherokee, the new design is surely a sight to see! At Jeep Payson, we welcome you to visit our dealership in anticipation of your next Jeep vehicle.


The popular Jeep Wrangler has always been a staple of success for the brand. As with all successful vehicle brands, people that love it the design concept want to maintain it. But we all know the show must go on-the Jeep Wrangler must continue to improve and evolve via technology. In the car branding business arena, those are the welcome headaches you look forward to – trying to make popular brands even more attractive and appealing to the public. Many car manufacturers would love that problem given the amount of hard work and effort it takes behind the scenes to launch popular car brands in the first place. To stimulate another level of interest and excitement for future upcoming Jeep inventory, there’s rumblings of the noted off-roader going hybrid. More than rumblings in fact, expect unveiling of the hybrid-powered vehicle circa 2017.

Jeep has owned up to its ambition to introduce hybrid technology; not only to this iconic brand, but also to it’s other fleet of superstar vehicles. In this day in age, consumers demand even more than you supplied them yesterday. Car companies must continue to strive to evolve their brands via enhanced technology. Jeep leader Mike Manley informed Auto Express that preserving the look, improving the on-road dynamics and achieving better fuel efficiency were his three priorities for the newest off-road legend. “You have the potential for hybrid powertrains in the future,” he stated. “For those people who use the Wrangler, the most important thing is the initial torque and the crawl ratio. With an electric motor you have the most torque available and with the right combination of transmission and gear ratios you can create incredible crawl ratios.” But the eco tech wouldn’t be without its problems if Jeep does go down that route. Continued Manley: “Where you have to be careful with the Wrangler is range. “If you are eight hours and four miles into a trail, there is not a hybrid that we could do which could provide the battery support.

Another alternative that the organization is considering for the 2017 Wrangler is the inclusion of a diesel model.  The diesel model will utilize lighter materials to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency. Making dynamic moves to change the look and the aerodynamics would does wonders to stimulate brand image. However as we alluded to earlier, when it comes to significant changes to what the public has already endorsed through a strong sales generation, one must be careful tweaking a popular style. Who can forget the backlash against the Jeep Cherokee with its new and very different design?  While the fervor subsequently faded, it still caused uproar amongst the dedicated and loyal tribes of ardent Jeep supporters. To join the long list of passionate fans, check out Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Indeed every carmaker must continue to have an eye on the present with an eye to the future. This popular off-roader is well positioned to continue its strong market performance. Expect this hybrid option to generate even stronger sales numbers in the future.

2005 Chrysler Firepower concept vehicle.

Winter weather locked much of the country in the grips of one of the most bitter cold seasons in recent memory. Deep snows and record cold spells depressed many economic indicators. However, in the automobile industry, the Chrysler-Fiat group managed to surge six percent in February. Three of the company brands posted year-over-year sales increases; the Ram Truck, Chrysler, and Jeep brands gained in February, 2015 compared with February, 2014. For the Chrysler lines, it continued a nearly six-year trend of positive gains. It was the best February sales month for Chrysler since 2007.

The February sales figures gave Chrysler a six percent increase over the comparable period on 2014. The year-over-year comparison is a bellwether of auto sales, and February is frequently a difficult period due to severe cold and snow conditions in much of the United States. The industry as a whole had an outstanding February, showing an overall comparable of eight percent. General Motors and Ford showed an increase of four percent and a decrease of two percent respectively. This comparison makes the Chrysler achievement all the more remarkable. Chrysler, Ram Truck, and Jeep each showed advances that led to the outstanding company-wide performance. The Jeep Brand led the way with a 21 percent increase year-over-year comparable. It was the best February sales month in its history.

The factors that contributed to the current robust showing by Chrysler-Fiat and the industry as a whole must include the improving U.S.economy. It is a sign of the strength of the recovery from the Great Recession of 2008 that figures shows high-water marks dating back to 2007. The price of gasoline has increased about $0.40 per gallon over the past six weeks; however, the U.S. average is nearly one dollar below the price on a year-over-year comparison. Lower gasoline prices are a positive factor in the surge in auto sales.

Analysts view February auto sales as a sign of the condition of the industry and a basis to forecast the scope of sales for the calendar year. February, 2015 was the first since 2007 in which industry-wide sales exceeded one million units. Some estimates for 2015 annual sales volume run as high as 17 million units. The current February sales volumes provide support for the optimistic estimates; the industry may be poised for a significant increase in the total numbers of units. Trucks and Sport-Utility Vehicles are a vital part of the expected high volume. Chrysler’s Ram brand performed well, and Jeep set records for many of its models. The Jeep brand had its best February sales ever, and the Jeep Patriot had its best month. If you want to check out the Patriot or any other cars, you should head to Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

Among the notable successes outside of the truck and SUV lines are Dodge Challenger and Chrysler 200. The Dodge Challenger showed an increase of forty-two percent that represented its best-ever February sales totals. The Chrysler 200 recorded a year-over-year increase of thirty-one percent, and this was the best-ever February sales result. These figures supported optimistic estimates for cars and truck sales in 2015, and this should continue into the future.