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jeep-hood-mapWay back in the day, back before vehicles were even invented, explorers and travelers would use paper maps to get around and find their way. As technology became more advanced, people began searching for their directions on MapQuest or Google Maps and printing them out. Finally, the most recent technology has allowed us to have GPS systems conveniently located on the dash of our vehicles. But now, Jeep is revolutionizing the way we travel by offering something particularly unique (and useful): hood maps.

Granted, these are “static” hood maps, meaning, they don’t change images – at least not yet. The hood map can essentially be a map of anything: city streets, forest trails, or an entire country. It’s a simplistic piece of technology that is making the rounds across the vehicle industry, mainly because of the vast amount of potential that it has to offer. Think about it: what may be a static hood map today may one day turn into an electronic one. And there’s no doubt that Jeep is working around the clock to make it happen.

But for now, these new static hood maps are going to suffice. First off, they’re a lot of fun. You can create your own stylized topographical map of any off-road trail that you want! Not only is it a lot of fun but also it drastically decreases the chances that you’re going to get lost when traveling in unfamiliar territory. Using Jeep’s signature online tool, users can choose whatever geographic area they want to place on their hood. We say “signature” because at the moment, there are no other car companies in the industry working on the same thing. Learn more at Chapman Jeep.

They are truly paving a way for future hood map technology, and it’s very exciting. Even if you don’t use the hood map for practical purposes, it still looks pretty cool, and can serve as a nice hood decal (it sure beats having nothing on your hood). Once individuals have customized their decal online, they can pick it up at a local Jeep dealership. The process is very simplified, and you’ll be surprised to hear that they’re actually quite budget-friendly as well. The average decal starts right around $295, which, considering its unique value and visual appeal, is a pretty good price.

The sticker itself may take up to ten days to deliver. Once it arrives, users have the option of taking the DIY approach, or the option of having a certified Henderson Jeep dealer install it. Either way, the end result is spectacular. Some people think that these new hood maps look “gimmicky”, but this is hardly the case. Not only do they look amazing, the fact of the matter is that they open up the door for premium future upgrades. In the future, Jeep may even go as far as to incorporate a digital hood map on all of their Jeep models. Remember, all great ideas are typically built upon simpler ones.

used-jeep-carsWith three years of consecutive record-breaking sales numbers (including selling over 1 million vehicles in 2014), Jeep is yet on another mission to sell several million more over the coming years. More specifically, they expect to sell about 1.9 million vehicles by 2018, which would equate to roughly a 160% increase from 2013. With their hopes high, and vision extending globally, there’s no doubt that this is a milestone that they’ll not only reach, but also surpass.

Mike Manley, Jeep President and CEO, mentioned in a statement that this was a “huge milestone for the brand” (speaking about the record-breaking numbers in 2014). They increased their sales by about 40% that year, which was an aggressive goal to say the least. But as you’ve already guessed, all great companies, including Jeep, continue to strive forward and surpass previous goals and expectations. That’s why they’re still focusing on growth, expansion, and delivering the best vehicles possible. Visit Chapman Chrysler Jeep to test drive a beautiful Jeep Cherokee!

The 70-year-old brand sold exactly 1,017,019 vehicles in 2014, and they plan on following through on their five-year plan from FCA to sell almost twice that amount over the coming years. What’s Jeep’s primary challenge now? At this moment, they simply need to continue focusing on growth, especially for 2015. In the United States, Jeep is going to launch their new Renegade sub-compact vehicle, something that hints at their global ambitions. Constructed in Italy, it’s going to be the only Jeep to ever been manufactured exclusively outside of the United States (plus it’s their first sub-compact vehicle).

In the later part of 2014, the Renegade was launched in Europe and sold approximately 9,000 models before coming to U.S. showrooms around February of 15’. This is a “transformational year” said Jeep CEO, and it’s difficult to find an argument against this. Jeep is leaving their footprint around the world, and is expanding at an impressive rate – and their potential is overwhelming.

In 2014, Jeep sales in the Asia-Pacific region increased by an impressive 42%, selling about 133,000 vehicles total. In China alone, they increased by close to 50%, selling about 90,000 vehicles. Production of Jeep vehicles in China is expected to start before the end of the year, while production in Brazil will likely start in the second quarter. What makes Jeep so special is that they are a desirable global brand – everybody wants them.

It’s this kind of appeal that will take them to the top of the consumer vehicle market; similar to how Apple and Microsoft have taken control of the computer industry. The first model to be produced in Brazil will be the new Renegade, with two additional models following suit in 2015 and 2016. By 2018, Jeep has committed themselves to producing six nameplates in 10 plants across six different countries.

That’s not easy to do, but we’re positive that they’ll manage. 1.9 million sales is the magic number, and only time will tell whether or not they achieve this goal over the next few years. Your Henderson Jeep dealer will be happy to set you off with a top-notch Jeep vehicle in no time at all.