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2015 Cherokee Takes on a Modern Jeep Style


The new Cherokee has launched a comeback after its less than stellar reviews back in 2013. At its release, fans were left disappointed that it strayed too far from its roots. However, Jeep is now entering its next phase of evolution to cement the legacy of the Cherokee by offering more options. The brand itself has experienced a slight makeover from its rough, rugged appeal to a more luxurious one. By offering more options, the new Jeep Cherokee presents a terrific value proposition for the marketplace here at Chapman Payson.

Although adding more options may translate into more profitability at face value, it may tend to limit the car to a particular class of buyer. For example, the Cherokee Latitude 4×4 – the True North Edition offers an array of cold-weather goodies, thanks to the genius masterstroke of Jim Morrison, head of Jeep’s product marketing. It turned out to be a great power play by offering up options and holding steady on the price. The True North customer preferred package came with all-heated front seats, steering wheel, wing mirrors, engine block, windshield wipers, and floor mats. Include remote starting, automatic heating for the seats and steering wheel, and you’ve got yourselves a winner.

The entire value-added options end up just $1795 over the base price of $27,900 for the Latitude-model Jeep Cherokee. The Jeep Cherokee Latitude itself is already great bang for the buck. It offers everything from automatic headlights and leather to an awesome backup camera.

Latitude at $1,695 option offered the 271-horsepower V-6 engine with the ability to shut itself off during any stops and re-starts accordingly. This functionality is ideal for gas saving and emissions purposes.

Furthermore, Jeep tested this system using its heavy-duty starter, solenoid and flywheel teeth through upwards of 300,000 on-off cycles. It also comes with the kill option, should you not like the stop-start. Additionally whenever the car’s oversize battery is reading low, the engine stays on until it’s fully recharged.

The V6 is ideal for a midsize 4×4 sports utility vehicle weighing in at about 4000 pounds. Even though the stock Cherokee engine doesn’t have a stop-start, it meets PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) standards in accordance to strict California emission rules and regulations.

You can check off the usual important aspects like steering, handling and braking. However we must pose the all-important question about Cherokee’s rather unique nine-speed automatic transmission. The fact that we have never witnessed a Cherokee reach 9th gear (or even 8th) is unheard of. Regardless, higher gearing should be conducive to fuel efficiency and we must note that gears 6 through 9 are all overdrives within the Cherokee. It must also be said that the V6 Cherokee has never achieved its highway mpg estimates.

For those of you who live on top of the mountain, perhaps the 9 gears will come in handy. All on all the transmission works seamlessly, even if the indicated gear in manual mode is not the actual one engaged. Taking the four Cherokee models into consideration — Sport, Latitude, Limited and Trailhawk — Jeep delivers three 4×4 systems. All Jeeps have Selec-Speed, which can take over hill climbing and descending. The Cherokee also comes with Selec-Terrain, which allows the driver to select from up to five driving programs: Snow, Sport, Sand/Mud, Rock and Auto.

No matter what plans you have for the Cherokee, the new design is surely a sight to see! At Jeep Payson, we welcome you to visit our dealership in anticipation of your next Jeep vehicle.

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