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Now that you’ve got the keys to a new or new-to-you Jeep from Chapman Chrysler Jeep, you’re probably itching to put it to the test. Las Vegas offers some great Jeep off-roading trails all within a short drive of the metro area. We’ve done the dirty work and found you five of the best local spots to get those tires (and mirrors and windshields and just about everything else) muddy. Let’s go!

1. Logandale: Just a short 50-mile drive from Vegas, Logandale has a variety of trails from easy, scenic routes to hardcore climbing through and around the Valley of Fire. One 12-mile trail should take about four hours to complete.

2. Rocky Gap Road: Also known as Potato Ridge, this rugged trail tops out at 6,400ft elevation and drops to 4,000ft in nine miles. As you go along, the backcountry trail becomes increasingly difficult, so this isn’t one to attempt without tools, extra fuel and some safety gear. Plan for about four hours to complete the whole thing.

3. Angel Peak: This one is a bit of a drive from Las Vegas, but the steep and easy climb offers great views that make the trip worth it. Angel Peak is in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area (Mt Charleston area) just northwest of Las Vegas. A 44-mile stretch takes about four hours to drive. You’ll want to watch for snow in early spring, otherwise, this is a great ride to get a break from the Vegas heat!

4. Gold Butte (Mesquite, Nevada): This 90-mile Mojave Desert trail can be done in about eight hours. It’s a pretty easy drive of dirt roads and offers lots of opportunities to ditch the Jeep and go for a walk. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for sink holes!

5. Radar Mountain: If you need a quick off-roading fix, drive up to Radar Mountain to take in the city lights. It’s not a far drive, but it offers great views and may give you just enough of a taste of off-roading to get you through a busy work week. Bring your mountain bike for some two-wheeled off-roading excitement!

Find a Las Vegas Jeep Club for even more ideas!

We hope it goes without saying that all off-roading is done at your own risk. Please practice safe driving and know your route before you head out. Always let someone know where you are going, and bring plenty of water and food. Stay safe out there, drivers!