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AEV Jeep Wrangler: What are they and how do you get one?

One of the many appealing aspects of the Jeep Wrangler is the limitless customization an owner can do to it. Snorkels, suspension lifts and big, knobby tires are just a few things one can do to a Wrangler.

AEV, American Expedition Vehicle, is not a parts company, but a true Jeep Wrangler company. They take an ordinary Jeep and make it something more; something far better and unique than you can get off the dealership lots. AEV offers multiple conversions and parts for your Jeep. Two popular conversions are for the Jeep Wrangler: JK Wrangler and Brute Double Cab. Be sure to check out Chapman Jeep for the latest information.

Converting into the JK Wrangler doesn’t mean just adding parts to an already great chassis. The JK Wrangler takes a regular Jeep and turns it into the ultimate off-road machine. It adds versatility where you didn’t even know you needed it. The stamped steel bumper and front skid plate are designed to take some serious off-road abuse. There is a WARN winch and IPF off-road lights available.

Jeep Brute Double Cab

Another popular Jeep conversion is the Brute Double Cab—the Jeep truck people have been longing for. This is a more extensive build and conversion. The Brute Double Cab draws its inspiration from the Land Rover Defender 130, and its historic off-road prowess.

With seating for five and expanded cargo capacity thanks to the addition of a truck bed out back, the Brute Double Cab is a remarkable thing to see. The Double Cab is for people looking to overland, the hobby of driving to a remote area with the journey being the primary goal.

The quality of AEV products is so good that AEV earned a Chrysler Design Excellence Award for the Brute Double Cab. This quality is what separates AEV from other aftermarket Jeep companies. AEV doesn’t believe in compromising quality for performance.

Getting your hands on an AEV Jeep conversion is easy. While the company is based in Michigan, AEV understands their products have a wide and popular following. There are numerous part and vehicle distribution centers across the country. Contacting AEV directly is the best way to not only get more information about what they do, but they can direct you a shop near Las Vegas Jeep.