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For Las Vegas Jeep Wrangler owners, joining a Jeep club doesn’t have to be for die-hard off-roaders. The Desert Wrangler’s Jeep Club is a family oriented off-road group that mainly focuses more on trials that can be driven by any Wrangler, although on some occasions, four-wheel drive may be required. Most trail rides are actually in nearby national parks, monuments, and recreation areas.

The only official club rules are to stay on the trail, stay with the group, and be safe. Plus, you have to drive a Wrangler.  There is no requirement to attend meetings or events, or to volunteer for anything.  Due to a great sponsor, there are no required membership fees associated with the club. Plus, Food/dinner and sodas are provided at the meetings. Meetings are typically the second Thursday of every month, with a featured trip usually the second Saturday or Sunday.

Some upcoming events include:

Sunday, April 28, 2013 – Hike Kohta Circus (Gold Butte)

Kohta Circus houses the largest petroglyph panel in Southern Nevada measuring.  It contains 200 individual characters believed to be Southern Paiute dating to at least 500 years.  The group will be meeting at the Petro Station at 6595 North Hollywood Boulevard, North Las Vegas, NV at 8:00 am and heading to the Gold Butte area near Whitney Pockets.  The hike is an easy to moderate four mile round trip over dirt and bedrock.  The total estimated time, including driving and hiking is six hours.

Saturday, May 11, 2013 – Day Trip Over Wheeler Pass Trail to the Pahrump Winery

Once up the east side of the pass, you’ll stop at the pass for some more than spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges and valleys below.  Continuing on down the others side you’ll stop at the old remains of the Charcoal Ovens, and stop for lunch.  Remember, these trails are used by all, so you’ll most likely run into other vehicles like trail bikes and ATV’s.  Once you make it to Pahrump, you’ll head for the Winery, where you’ll have the opportunity to go on a guided tour or adults can just enjoy the wine tasting room.  The group will be meeting at McDonalds at 8480 Farm Rd, Las Vegas, NV at 7:30 am.

For information on more : Desert Wrangler Jeep club events, visit Chapman Chrysler.