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Window sticker is a term frequently used around Las Vegas Jeep dealerships, but what some consumers may not know is that the window sticker may hold information that is very useful. The basic information that must be included on a window sticker of any car is its make, model, year, a comprehensive list of standard and optional equipment, and usually a suggested retail price, which is than referred to as the “sticker price”.  It also can include several pieces of vital information such as: the manufacturer’s suggested retail price; engine and transmission specifications; standard equipment, including warranty details; optional equipment; and fuel economy information. This sticker holds all the essential information for a particular vehicle and it ensures customers know they’re getting exactly what their paying for.

The window sticker can also provide a valuable historical record. It’s a good idea to make a copy of the sticker on any car you buy from Chapman Chrysler Jeep and keep it in the glove box. It can provide detailed information if a repair or specific part is needed in the future. The sticker can also provide a quick and detailed list of all the accessories included in the vehicle when needed for resale.

By law car dealerships are required to have a sticker on every car in their lot; it should be located on the window or windshield. Failure to display one can result in a fine of $10,000 per vehicle to the dealership. Obviously with such a strict penalty for the absence of the window sticker, Chrysler Henderson consumers should understand the importance of the information it provides.