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The 2013 Jeep Wrangler added a special edition model to the lineup, the Moab. The newest model is named after the most popular off-road destination in the world and home to the annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari, Moab, Utah. The Moab is based off of the premium Sahara model and has similarities to the Rubicon, but has added features specifically for the off-roading enthusiast.

According to Jeep, off-road modifications that were added to the Wrangler Sahara model to create the Moab edition include: 17-inch Rubicon alloy wheels painted gloss black, 245/75R17 Goodyear Silent Armor off-road tires with Kevlar reinforcement, a standard Trac-Lok anti-spin rear differential with an available electronic rear locking differential, winch-ready steel bumpers and premium rock rails. When equipped with a manual transmission and a 3.73 rear axle ratio, Wrangler Moab has a crawl ratio of 45:1.

Las Vegas Jeep drivers have the choice of either a two-door or four-door Moab model. The exterior is obviously recognizable as being a unique, limited-edition Jeep, because of the steel front and rear bumper, rock sliders on the sills, sculpted hood, and “Moab” decals on the hood. The Moab model is available in black, white, and Jeep’s unique color options of Gecko, Dozer, Crush and Rock Lobster.

The 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 that is found in the other Jeep Wrangler models, powers the Moab as well. Interior modifications include black or saddle premium leather seating with black stitching on the newly-designed 2013 Wrangler seats, “Moab” embossed instrument panel grab handle, Mopar slush mats and Iron Gray trim on the vent rings, grab handles and steering wheel spokes.

For more information on the limited-edition Moab Jeep Wrangler model, or any of the other Jeep models available, head to your Vegas Jeep dealer.

Every car owner knows that repairs are an unfortunate downside to owning any car. We asked Chapman Chrysler Jeep’s Service Adviser, Art Figge, a few questions that may save you money at the repair shop. Art Figge has over 20 years of experience in the service industry, and was recommended by Service Manager, Derrick Goern. Here is our interview with Art:

Chapman Automotive Group: What is the biggest mistake you see customers make in regards to the service of their car?

Art Figge, Service Adviser: Avoiding simple routine maintenance, oil changes, tire rotations and inspections during regular maintenance intervals. Customers can avoid small issues and keep them from becoming expensive repairs, just by completing simple routine check-ups.


Chapman Automotive Group: What is the most common reason cars are brought into the service department and what are some tips on preventing that problem from occurring?

Art Figge: The most common reason we see cars  is because the warning lights on the dash come on, from the check engine to the low tire pressure lights, etc, are. A lot of common questions can be solved by reading the owner’s manual and being acquainted with all the functions and warning lights of your vehicle. Some basic vehicle knowledge goes very far in solving minor vehicle problems. Most dealers offer a new vehicle owners clinic, these clinics are free of charge and are very informative on how your new vehicle operates


Chapman Automotive Group: What are some tips for customers who park their cars outside to keep their parts protected?

Art Figge: The simplest thing you can do is to keep your car washed and clean!!! Even in the desert if you keep your car clean your paint will say shiny and bright. Also the use of dash mats and windshield reflectors when the car is parked outside will help to save your interior from the sun. Also parking inside or in the shade can keep the temperature of the inside down by 25 degrees.


Chapman Automotive Group:  If customers choose to wash and wax their cars at home, how often should they wash/wax them, more or less in cold/hot months? What is the best way to keep the exterior of cars protected?

Art Figge:  Weekly or bi-weekly car washes at home are a great idea. Quality car wash soaps and a clean soft terry cloth towel or chammis, for drying, are worth the money spent to keep your vehicle looking new for as long as possible. Waxing should be done two times a year; generally spring and fall are the best times of year. Again, quality waxes and polishes can cost slightly more than generic products with poor chemical makeup, but the quality waxes and polishes will last longer, have better protection and will generally be easier to apply and remove.


Chapman Automotive Group:  What are some benefits of bringing the car to the dealership for service instead of somewhere else?

Art Figge:  The biggest benefits are the quality of factory parts used on your new vehicle, from oil and air filters, to brake pads and spark plugs. Most aftermarket shops will use the cheapest parts available; these parts may fit your vehicle but are rarely of top quality. Most likely they will also lack the proper engineering, and quality of materials, that are checked out during the Chrysler or Jeep service and parts testing process. Also Factory trained technicians have many hours of vehicle specific training both in the classroom and in the service facility. Factory trained technicians also have access to the latest and greatest tool and equipment to repair you vehicle in the proper procedure


Chapman Automotive Group: What are some easy trouble shooting tips for drivers to detect damage to parts before it causes more damage?

Art Figge:  Do not let that rattle, noise or warning light go unchecked! Again do not let small problems turn into large repairs!

If you have any more questions or concerns with your car, come by and see Art or any of the other service advisors and Chapman Chrysler Jeep. Remember to always take your car to the Chrysler Service department before a small problem turns into a larger one!