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The Desert Wranglers is a family oriented off-road group that visits trail rides at nearby Henderson/Las Vegas national parks, monuments, and recreation areas. All of the selected trails can be driven on with a stock Wrangler, although 4WD may be required occasionally.

There are no required meetings or events; you simply just choose which events and meetings you would like to attend. Meetings are usually the second Thursday of every month, a featured day trip is usually the second Saturday or Sunday, and a camping trip is usually the third weekend of the month.

There are no membership fees since the club is sponsored and gets funds for most events and no membership process, just sign-up and you’re in! Bring your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, dogs, cats, neighbors, anyone! Also all members get a 10% discount at the service and parts department of Chapman Chrysler Jeep, the club sponsor and your Las Vegas Jeep.

The club really comes down to being a family oriented group of Jeep Wrangler Nevada owners who have a common interest in riding the trails and seeing the sights near Henderson/Las Vegas.

The next featured event will be June 17th, father’s day, and will be held at Bitter Springs Trail & Lost City Museum, Overton, NV. This trail will take you south of the Valley of Fire, through washes and canyons which cross the “Old Spanish Trail”, which was used by early pioneers on their trek to California. This trail is rated Class II to Class III trail, and is about 26 miles long than from there the group will travel north along the North Shore Road of Lake Mead to the Lost City Museum which will be open for exploration all day. This would be a great Fathers Day for any Jeep lover and kids are always more than welcome to come!

More questions? Check out the group’s website at or their Facebook page, for more information and pictures. For further questions contact